Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

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Face-down sleepers are the rarest to find. Less than 16% of all Americans sleep on their stomach. In comparison with other sleeping positions, stomach sleepers are much less numerous. But this position still requires a slightly firmer cushion than the popular medium-sized hybrids.

Sleeping on your stomach can be out of habit or for comfort. You will need a specially designed or different mattress to ensure that your spine is precisely aligned and that you sleep comfortably in that position.

Sleeping on your stomach is not very beneficial as it can put undue pressure on the chest and curvature of the spine. It will lead to back pain, nerve tingling and pressure point pain. It can also cause coughing and shortness of breath, but buying the perfect mattress can minimize or even eliminate these problems.

Alternatively, sleeping on your back ensures that your spine and hips are completely at rest while you sleep. Back sleepers are known to get a restful sleep and feel extremely relaxed physically after sleeping.

Most people sleep on their side – they sleep with their backs up while their arms and legs remain stretched out. It is also a favorable position for sleeping.

For anyone who sleeps on their stomach, we bring you our tested and verified recommendations with our top 10 mattresses.

Our Recommended List of Top Mattresses

Mattress Reviews

TEMPUR-Adapt Hybrid Mattress

  • Classic TEMPUR material is combined with premium coil springs for unparalleled comfort.
  • Multiple layers of foam for an extraordinary sleeping experience.
  • Cool-touch cover for accurate sleeping temperature.
  • Adaptive TEMPUR material does not lose its shape and provides superior comfort and spinal alignment.
  • 10 year limited warranty.

Our top of the list is the TEMPUR Adapt hybrid mattress. At 11 inches, this mattress has just the right level of comfort and has many features that make it the best mattress for stomach sleepers.

Customers rely on TEMPUR for absolute comfort, but when combined with modern features, the TEMPUR Adapt certainly deserves to be the number one choice.

It is available in half and half hybrid styles. We chose the medium hybrid for its sturdiness, as it is a good choice for this particular sleeping position. The Cool-To-Touch sleeve prevents unwanted sweating, while the Smart Climate dual sleeve system provides convenience and comfort.

What We Like?

Classic Comfort:– Vintage TEMPUR material combined with a traditional internal spring system provides best-in-class comfort for a relaxed sleep.

Sufficiently Firm:  The mattress is precisely designed to provide a balanced firmness and comfort which is highly recommended for this sleeping position.

Reliable: Along with a 10-year warranty, this mattress is built for tough, rugged use to ensure years of trouble-free use.

TUFT & NEEDLE Queen Mattress

  • Fabric composition 35% micropolyamide and 65% polyester
  • Adaptive T&N Unique foam provides support and a bouncy feel.
  • The high-quality foam maintains an accurate temperature for sleeping.
  • Green Guard Gold and CertiPUR certification.
  • Limited 10-year warranty and 100-night trial.

Looking for cheap options but a close competitor to the TEMPUR Adapt is the Tuft & Needle Queen mattress. Packed in the handy boxed bed pack, this is a great option for light stomach sleepers on a tight budget.

The Tuft and Needle Queen mattress is getting quite positive feedback from previous customers. They applaud the innovative proprietary adaptive foam as it provides a responsive springy feel and makes it perfect for regular use.

It is commendable to offer such great features along with sufficient durability at such an affordable price. It is also said that the adaptive foam is not only comfortable, but at the same time prevents unnecessary sweating in hot weather. All in all a great mattress that is not only comfortable but also reliable for a fair price.

What We Like?

Value for Money :  It’s worth every penny spent as you get a durable mattress that will easily last long enough.

Comfortable: Innovative foam provides a soft sleeping surface and a strong base to prevent sagging.

Casper Original Foam Mattress – 2020 Model

  • Zoned Support™ provides three specific support zones for optimal spinal alignment
  • The AirScape™ foam layer is breathable and ensures that you do not get too hot at night.
  • The foam is extremely comfortable and strong at the base to prevent sagging.
  • The cover is made of recycled material and is therefore environmentally friendly.
  • 10 year limited warranty.

The industry leader: Casper brings you an updated 2020 model of its trusted original foam mattress line. It’s packed with great features and the Casper Comfort trademark to make it one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

As usual, the new Casper model offers pure perfection. Many customers find it the perfect combination of comfort and a cool sleeping surface. The small holes in the breathable foam ensure sufficient air circulation and prevent unwanted sweating.

If you sleep on your stomach, you can be sure of a restful sleep as you sleep on the soft but firm mattress. Overall, this is a great option if you’re looking for maximum comfort.

What We Like?

Comfortable:  The Casper Original mattress offers optimal comfort and ensures that a correct sleeping position is maintained throughout the night.

Quality Assurance:  The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial period to ensure customer satisfaction and build long-term consumer trust.

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

  • Individually encapsulated coils for superior support and comfort
  • One layer of Titan Flex™ for the right contour and support.
  • CertiPUR Certified and meets various other quality standards.
  • Rolled up and shipped in a box for fast shipping and easy installation.
  • 10-year hassle-free warranty.

Another brilliant option for stomach sleepers, made in the USA, is the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress. Available in three comfort levels to suit your needs, this is a great option for those who prefer a mattress tailored to their needs.

Customers trust the Brooklyn brand and this mattress is a testament to why customers love it so much. Customers consider this an affordable luxury as it gives them a luxurious feel at a reasonable price.

Many customers appreciate the ease of setting up the mattress and at the same time believe that as customers can choose from a range of three firmness levels, it gives them the opportunity to tailor the mattress to their needs.

What We Like?

Varying Firmness Levels: Medium firmness is the recommended firmness; however, you can choose the level of firmness according to your needs.

Quality Assurance: The mattress passes various quality checks to provide the consumer with only the best. A 10-year warranty is also available in case of problems or damage.

Awara Hybrid Organic Mattress

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Another hybrid mattress that provides a lot of relief is the Awara Hybrid Organic Mattress. It is made of various organic materials that are safe and environmentally friendly.

People love the innovative construction of the Awara hybrid mattress. Clients find it safe to sleep in bed and feel refreshed when they wake up.

The materials used are of the highest quality, not only to provide excellent comfort, but they are also reliable and durable. The sleeping surface is cool and does not cause unwanted sweating at night. All in all, a great option packed with different and innovative attributes.

What We Like?

Innovative and Organic: The Awara hybrid mattress comes with hybrid foam that is naturally manufactured and offers great comfort. The Euro Top Cover is made from New Zealand wool and organic cotton, making it natural and healthy for everyday sleep.

Cool Comfort: Innovative wool helps wick away moisture and keep dust mites away to ensure you get a cool night’s sleep along with unparalleled comfort.

Customer Trust: It has a great 180-night trial and a lifetime warranty to ensure a lifetime of hassle-free use.

GhostBed Luxe Mattress

  • Innovative Ghost Ice fabric and 7-layer cooling technology for excellent cooling while you sleep.
  • Phantom bounce layer provides maximum comfort and relaxation.
  • Balanced firmness with a cool, soft sleeping surface.
  • Bed-in-Box packaging for convenience and fast delivery.
  • 100 night trial and 25 year warranty.

Our next best recommendation is GhostBed Luxe. It is known as the coolest mattress and customers have testified to this claim time and again. Pure perfection and sufficient durability are characteristics of this mattress.

Customers are amazed by the incredible features and innovative qualities of the GhostBed Luxe mattress. They especially like the cool sleeping surface, which provides a cozy sleeping experience. The surface is smooth and resistant to prevent sinking and achieve precise balance for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Customers feel they have slept their best on this mattress and this bed has everything to ensure absolute relaxation.

What We Like?

Innovation:Japanese Ghost Ice Fabric and Bounce Layer provide a distinct yet peaceful experience for all wearers. The unique and comforting Ghost Bounce layer reacts like latex but adapts like memory foam and is strong enough.

Reliable:Good reviews along with a 25-year warranty and 100-night trial period are enough to build huge consumer confidence about the GhostBed Luxe mattress.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress

  • Combination of high quality foam and individually wrapped pocket springs for edge support and comfort.
  • Press pressure points to relieve all muscles and joints.
  • 4 stripe mattress cover for a luxurious feel and a beautiful look.
  • 100 night trial and 5 year warranty.

USA Made and Made from Polyester Fabric – The Leesa Hybrid Mattress is another great option.

If you are looking for luxury, the Leesa hybrid mattress is the best option. Not only is it beautifully designed, it offers great comfort and reasonable durability.

The Memory Foam layer and the refreshing Avena Foam Comfort layer work together to ensure that you get a hug and a bouncy feeling without breaking a sweat while sleeping. There is also a 100 night trial period for customer guarantee.

What We Like?

Luxurious Experience:  the beautiful cover and the soft lying surface ensure that the consumer feels ultimate luxury when using the Leesa Hybrid Mattress.

Comfortable: Layers of foam along with pocketed coils ensure clients get a good night’s sleep.

Purple Queen Mattress

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An innovative and comfortable mattress from Purple is our choice. Known for providing maximum comfort and relief to every muscle in the body, the Purple Queen mattress has some incredible features.

Customers believe that the Purple Queen mattress solves the problems of using memory foam or latex mattresses with its innovative Smart Comfort Grid that absorbs pressure points, isolates movement and maintains freshness.

It is safe to use and is made of food grade material. However, some customers have experienced back pain after prolonged use and so proper research should be done to determine if the mattress is comfortable for their sleeping experience.

What We Like?

Smart Grid Technology – Innovative technology ensures that you have no problems sleeping on memory foam or latex mattresses.

Trustworthy : In the event of any comfort or quality issues, a 100 night customer warranty trial is available along with a 10 year warranty.

Plank by Brooklyn Bedding Two-Sided Firm Mattress

  • Firm, flat surface for neutral spinal alignment.
  • Reversible design along with padded top cover for an ultra-tough surface.
  • Exclusive 2-inch Titan Flex foam provides deep compression and maintains durability.
  • Made in the USA
  • 10 year limited warranty.

Another reliable and reliable mattress is the Plank from Brooklyn Bedding. Customers find it easy to set up and convenient to use.

People prefer it for a firm sleeping surface and because it can be flipped, it is a great option to vary the firmness according to your needs and comfort. It is made without heavy metals or other harmful substances, making it safe to use.

It is also absolute value for money thanks to a reasonable price and a plethora of superior features.

What We Like?

Affordable:It has some top-notch features and is a great option at this price.

Firm sleeping surface: The surface is not very slippery, which helps to maintain the correct posture and evenly distribute the body weight.

DreamCloud Queen Mattress

  • Gel-infused memory foam provides support and stays cool while you sleep
  • Larger spools provide better edge support.
  • The padded Euro Top Cover molds to the entire body and ensures a peaceful sleep.
  • 180 night trial and lifetime warranty (or perpetual warranty as DreamCloud states).

Our last mattress on the list is the DreamCloud Queen mattress. It is a luxurious hybrid mattress suitable for all types of sleepers, but above all a great option.

The DreamCloud Queen mattress ensures that you do not endanger your sleep and allows all your muscles and joints to be rejuvenated after a restful sleep. The mattress is extremely comfortable and has a strong bottom to prevent unnecessary sagging.

It comes with a 180-night trial and a lifetime warranty for a stress-free experience.

What We Like?

Comfortable: Innovative foam provides good posture and provides relief to all parts of the body.

Durable: Comes with a 180-night trial and a lifetime warranty to ensure any damage or defects can be easily and conveniently resolved.

Quick Buying Guide

For people who sleep on their stomachs, finding comfort can be a difficult task. Several factors play a crucial role in deciding which mattress can be the most relaxing.

Therefore, it is important to understand the jargon of such mattresses and also to understand how the different characteristics of a mattress can affect your sleep in terms of spinal position, relaxation of different parts of the body, etc.

In addition to comfort, there are other important specifications to understand such as the warranty period, base material, top cover quality, etc.

Here’s a dedicated buying guide selected based on our industry experience and expert advice on choosing the best mattress. It is very helpful to use this buying guide and find the mattress of your dreams:

  • Understanding Stomach Sleeping:  This sleeping position is the least favored among the majority of the population. It’s because it’s not comforting and maybe because of the risk associated with sleeping in this position.

Because all the weight is concentrated on the chest and abdomen, it can be uncomfortable for the shoulders, hips and other similar joints. Regardless, some people find this a comforting sleeping position.

On the contrary, it can help with snoring and can also reduce acid reflux symptoms. However, some studies indicate that sleeping on your stomach tends to increase facial lines or wrinkles.

People often deal with problems such as shoulder and hip pain or low back pain. There is a good chance that you will strain your neck in this position. This is due to the fact that the face cannot always remain directly on the pillow and sleepers tilt their head to the left or right, which in turn can cause cramping.

A good mattress is of the utmost importance to ensure that you sleep on your stomach without any problems. Our list and the following discussion will help you choose the best mattress.

Firmness: people who sleep on their stomach prefer a medium-firm mattress over soft or plush mattresses. Because it helps to align the majority of people who sleep with an average weight. The lighter (< 150 pounds) you are, the softer the mattress you would prefer.

Heavy people should opt for a firmer mattress. But as a general rule, light sleepers, such as those weighing less than 150 pounds, find comfort in medium-soft mattresses.

Softer mattresses are better suited to the shoulders and hips of light sleepers. For those who weigh between 150 and 230 pounds, a medium firm mattress is recommended. For somewhat bulky stomach sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds, a firm mattress, perhaps a 7 or 8 on a scale of 10, is known to keep the spine aligned.

The different types of mattresses: There are different mattresses of different materials or qualities available:

  1. Foam Mattress: These mattresses are made up of different layers of foam, such as Styrofoam or memory foam. This requires stomach sleepers to understand what is meant by foam mattress density and ILD ratings. Density refers to the mattress’s ability to support your body weight, while ILD is an indicator of mattress firmness, such as soft (low ILD) or firm (high ILD).
    They have a problem with trapped air causing unwanted heat at night. However, some cold gel mattresses help to solve this problem to a great extent.
  2. Innerspring Mattress:  These are traditional mattresses with steel coils that support the top layers of comfort foam of the sleeping surface. The thickness of the layer of internal springs helps support the body. But durability can be an issue if the mattresses do not have high quality coils or if the number of coils is less.
  3. Hybrid Mattresses:These are the innovative mattresses that are a kind of combination of foam mattresses and springs. A common hybrid mattress has steel coils with pockets that form a strong base and are surrounded by layers of polyethylene foam. The top surface has several layers of different types of foam such as memory foam or latex, etc. These are reasonably the best options as they are not only comfortable but also stay fresh and last a reasonable amount of time.
  4. Latex Mattresses: They are made of synthetic or natural latex or an amalgam of both. They have layers of latex foam for comfort and support. Latex has a slightly different or unique feel and elastic quality that some people like. One of the main reasons to buy them is their durability, as latex mattresses are known to last longer. But word of warning to hot sleepers, as they tend to trap body heat.
  5. Finding the accurate pillows and bedding : People who sleep on their stomachs are always at high risk of putting unnecessary strain on their neck. This is simply because the neck cannot stay straight and pressure on the left or right side can cause undue pressure and excruciating pain later on. Therefore, not only a comfortable mattress is necessary, but also the right pillow for stomach sleepers for a good night’s sleep.

A surprising fact is that they generally prefer to sleep without a pillow. But every experience is different. So try sleeping without a pillow for a while and find out if you need a pillow or if it’s okay to sleep without a pillow.

  • Deciding your budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on a mattress. Average prices remain above $1000, but you can carefully select slightly cheaper models. Popular hybrid and latex mattresses can be a bit pricey, but they can provide excellent comfort.
  • Trial Period: it is strongly recommended to purchase mattresses with a trial period, because then you can test whether a mattress meets our needs. The industry average is 90 to 100 days, but some companies like Nectar and Awara offer longer trial periods, such as 180 days. A longer test period not only lets you know if the mattress is comfortable, but also helps predict the durability of the mattress and if it will last long enough. However, buyers should be careful and read the terms of the trial period carefully.
  • Warranty Period: Finally, it is also important to find the warranty period that comes with your mattress. Some mattresses even have a lifetime warranty, which is very beneficial.

Mattresses that Stomach Sleepers should Avoid

People who sleep on their stomach should take precautions to make sure they don’t buy the wrong mattress that can completely ruin their sleeping experience.

Some features to consider are the extreme softness and lack of support. It has been proven that stomach sleepers can experience a lot of discomfort when sleeping on very soft mattresses.

Soft firmness levels are essential because they can cause certain pressure points, such as the shoulders or hip joints, to sag. It can lead to spinal misalignment and also cause muscle cramps and extreme pain.

Mattresses with a deeply quilted top can also be uncomfortable to sleep on. They can feel very comfortable and comfortable, but are prone to creating a painful experience due to the position of the neck and spine. Sooner or later it will cause unwanted pain.

A hyperelastic polymer mattress should also be avoided at all costs. These mattresses have open cells of a very comfortable and stretchable material along with elasticity.

But as mentioned, the real problem lies in the soft sleeping surface combined with the lack of pressure point relief.

Best kind of Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

As mentioned above, it is recommended that you sleep without a pillow and find out if you need a pillow to support your neck while sleeping on your stomach. You can sleep more comfortably directly on the mattress without a padded head and neck support.

If you feel that a pillow can be relaxing while sleeping on your stomach, then certain precautions are helpful so that you only buy the pillow that allows you to get enough rest from that mattress.

  • Thickness of the Pillow:  the greater the thickness, the greater the curvature of the neck. Discover through previous use which thickness gives you comfort and relief. According to various chiropractors and customer experiences, for those who sleep on their stomachs, a pillow 2 to 5 inches thick is best.
  • Adjustable pillows: they come with the option to adjust the pillow loft to your liking. In the market these are offered by Brentwood Home and Helena.
  • Extra support for the hips: Another sleeping tip is to place a pillow between the pelvis or under the hips for extra support. This ensures that the correct posture and alignment of the spine is maintained. It also relieves all pressure points on the body.
  • Foam material : We recommend memory foam pillows or feather pillows. These also make up the interior of many adjustable pillows and are extremely soft.

Final Thoughts

Sleeping on your stomach can cause unnecessary pain. If sleeping on your stomach is your favorite position, you can make sure you sleep comfortably on your stomach.

Read our unique and proven mattress list to make sure you find out which mattress best suits your needs.

A detailed buying guide is also provided to ensure that you only buy a mattress after taking all the necessary precautions and understanding all the complexities involved in the buying process.

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