Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers 2021

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The mattress topper for the side sleeper must provide adequate support to be effective. We help you find a piece of jewelry that provides comfort for hip, shoulder or back pain.

Over time, the mattress tends to sag or not rock enough, causing pain. You may have bought the best mattress for sleeping on your side, but it may not support your shoulder and hip area.

The easiest way to resuscitate the situation is to add a mattress topper to the bedding. A good mattress topper makes you forget that you are still using your old mattress.

Let’s take a look at some great mattress toppers if you sleep on your side.

1.ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper

  • 3 memory foam topper with gel.
  • Hypoallergenic and machine washable bamboo cover.
  • Non-slip straps.
  • 60 days trial period and 3 year warranty.

ViscoSoft Select is our favorite pick of the many mattress toppers we’ve reviewed over the past year. It’s our best option and the best mattress topper for side sleepers. Here’s Why

  • Excellent spinal alignment.
  • Pressure point lighting.
  • Refreshing mattress topper (favorite for warm sleepers).
  • Effective for neck, back or hip pain.
  • Minimal movement transfer.

ViscoSoft Select is a high density foam mattress topper and weighs approximately 40 pounds for a king size bed.

Many people prefer to buy a lightweight ornament so that they can carry it with them, but that involves a compromise in terms of quality and longevity.

ViscoSoft has a perfect weight in our opinion. Not light and not too heavy.

It’s a 3 gel edge that keeps you cool for a comfortable night’s sleep. Plus, it comes with a machine washable bamboo rayon cover. The cover is breathable and complements the action with gel-infused foam.

The combination makes it ultra soft and well ventilated. It’s nothing less than a new mattress for a fraction of the price.

The topper has a non-slip band on all four corners to prevent slipping. Trust me, it’s more than helpful in a practical setting.

The topper is ideal for all types of sleepers and side sleepers with an average weight of 150 kilos will find it more comfortable.

2. Pacific Coast Feather Luxe Loft Baffle Box Feather Bed, Natural-fill Mattress Topper

  • 3 ″ profile.
  • Baffle box design.
  • Allergy-free guarantee.
  • Feather bed mattress topper.
  • Free 30-night trial and 5-year limited warranty.

The Pacific Coast Deluxe Mattress Topper with Baffle Box is a unique option for side sleepers. It is one of the luxury ultra-soft mattresses filled with down and feathers.

The internal baffle box design keeps the springs in place and provides excellent loft and comfort.

Here are a few reasons why it’s on our list.

  • Hyperclean® Resilia™ springs.
  • 230-thread Barrier Weave® feather-resistant fabric (100% cotton)
  • Hypoallergenic.

It immediately has a nice factor, but hot sleepers may read it more because it tends to trap heat.

For most side sleepers it won’t be a noticeable problem.

There is another noteworthy feature. It may not fit like a memory foam topper, but the springs and box design provide soft cushioning around the shoulders and hips.

3. Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Cooling Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers

  • 3 gel memory foam.
  • Ventilated design.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • CertiPUR-US Certificate.

Sleeping hot and tired of the sweaty nights?

The Lucid top mattress has a 3″ gel memory foam that provides ventilation and an airy experience.

Below are the highlights of Lucid Topper:

  • Economical without compromising on quality.
  • Soft and helps you sleep fresh.
  • Best crib.
  • Pain reliever for shoulder or hip pain.
  • Infusion of gel and lavender.

The Lucid is a boon for warm sleepers. It has a special memory foam that is airy, soft and gives a good response.

Gel-infused foam and bamboo charcoal help control temperature for a better night’s sleep.

Let the ornament regain its shape for 48 hours and get rid of any odors. The ornament is infused with lavender, which works on your senses and helps you calm down.

Contouring: Contouring is one of the most important aspects of side sleepers. This Lucid model exceeds expectations at this price. It is a 3 inch topper and offers a deep sink for good crib around the shoulder and hips.

What’s missing? Well, this is a naked topper with no lid, but we’re not complaining about the price. Go see it.


Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers with Hip Pain

  • Topper with three zones.
  • Air-Engineered™: thermal temperature management.
  • Provides maximum recovery and support.
  • Ideal for side sleepers with hip and shoulder pain.

Are you a side sleeper looking for a mattress topper for hip and shoulder pain?

Your search for the perfect topper ends here!

MOLECULE has a reputation for making sleep aids (for good) for athletes.

The MOLECULE AirTEC topper is a performance-oriented product. The AirTEC topper uses Air-Engineered™ technology to regulate body temperature for cooler nights.

MOLECULE uses a proprietary foam that outperforms the competition in pressure relief and comfort. Provides ideal support for recovery and performance, so you wake up rejuvenated.

The MOLECULE mattress topper has 3 specific support zones that keep the column aligned.

So no more hip or shoulder pain. The topper helps you recover faster if you often end the day with tired shoulders or back pain. Choose MOLECULE for its good back support and more comfort if you have lower back pain.

We discussed this in our detailed review of the molecular topper.

The advanced removable cover is easy to clean and has a unique fabric on the bottom to prevent slipping. The mattress cover regulates the microclimate that helps regulate heat if the body temperature changes during the night.

5. Sleep Innovations 4-inch Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers

Best Mattress Topper for Heavy Side Sleepers

  • 4 ″ gel memory foam mattress with quilted fiber filling.
  • CertiPUR certified with a 10-year warranty.

Sleep Innovation, with a 4-inch mattress topper, may scare you. You can expect a deeper sink where it can be difficult to get in and out of bed. But isn’t it!

It is a double layer topper with a padded 2″ fiberfill layer and a 2″ refreshing gel memory foam layer. Here’s Why It’s On Our List

  • Good crib.
  • Support and pressure point relief.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Washable cover.
  • Top mattress for side sleepers.

The ornament works well to keep the body cool throughout the night. Memory foam gel dissipates heat and there is no problem with heat retention.

It’s super comfortable and the dual system works for side sleepers. Padded sleeve provides cushioning and helps contour.

The white cover is washable, but the fiberfill cover can be difficult to wash and dry. While it’s not a deal breaker, it’s good to make an informed decision before buying.

6. Organic Naturally Nestled Latex Mattress Topper

  • 3″ Organic latex mattress topper.
  • tender.
  • 100% vegan.
  • Certified by GOLS, GOTS and USDA.
  • 30-day trial and 5-year warranty.

We’ve added a 100% organic mattress topper with an organic cover for vegans. Here are some features why you need a latex mattress topper.

  • 100% natural and organic.
  • Supports spinal alignment.
  • Breathable.
  • Best For Side Sleepers Latex Mattress Topper

Do you know that 100% natural are usually not really organic?

But naturally nested mattress topper is a certified organic mattress topper.

It is a zero carbon waste topper. The company does not use petrochemicals for latex.

The mattress topper is available in different firmnesses. We recommend “soft” for side sleepers.

It is luxurious and for someone seeking relief from back pain, hip pain or shoulder pain. The latex topper responds and helps maintain spinal alignment while we sleep.

It has a 100% organic removable cover with no chemical finish. The cover helps to keep the ornament in place and keeps the ornament from accumulating dead skin cells or dust.

The natural latex top mattress is more breathable due to its open cell structure. Absorbs and releases body heat and moisture to keep your body cool.

In our review, we were impressed with the contours it offers when you sleep on your side. This is the topper you need if you want to soften a firm mattress.

Things to Consider While Buying Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers.

A mattress topper is a layer of foam or filling that breathes new life into an old mattress. A topper can also be used for other sleeping surfaces, such as folding beds, RVs or sleeping tents.

But the important question is how a mattress topper for side sleepers differs from other sleeping positions. The most important aspect is relieving pressure points for side sleepers by choosing the right firmness of the sleeping surface.

There is also a discussion about mattress protectors versus mattress protectors. If your biggest problem is a firm mattress, we recommend a mattress topper rather than a topper for extra cushioning.

Let’s go over all the factors to consider when buying your mattress topper.

Mattress Condition

Before going into another factor, the sleeping surface, the condition of your mattress is paramount.

Why did you want to add a mattress topper to the mattress?

There may be cracks in your old mattress and a topper can further repair this. You may have bought a new mattress, but it may be firm and cause pain in your shoulder or hip.

All of these situations can be avoided by using a mattress topper. Rejuvenate the comfort of the bed.

But if the foam mattress base or the coils have weakened, there’s no point flipping a topper.

Topper Thickness

The thickness of the mattress topper varies from 2 to 4. A side sleeper needs a crib around the shoulders and hips. A thin ornament will not be soft enough to provide that comfort.

Our advice is to be at least 3 fat if you sleep on your side with an average weight. Any profile under 3 will be firm but may work for light side sleepers.


Firmness is directly linked to the thickness of the cladding, as we discussed in the previous section.

The firmness also depends on the material used and the responsiveness of the material. Side sleepers should opt for a medium soft mattress topper.

Its softness improves adaptability and molds well to the body.

In this way, it evenly distributes your body weight on the bed, so that you can sleep comfortably.

In short, avoid a firm mattress as a sleeping surface.


A breathable topper should be on your feature list if you’re a hot sleeper. Foam as a material suffers from effective ventilation.

To counter this problem, manufacturers are starting to use gel-like memory foam in mattresses and toppers.

In a few years, even the cheapest mattress topper will have this feature. The problem is not choosing a memory foam gel topper, but choosing a high quality, effective topper that works in reality and not on the spec sheet.

We selected a list of finishes that scored satisfactorily for breathability.


Today, memory foam and latex mattresses top the customer satisfaction rankings.

Memory foam as a material has improved its reputation for breathability and responsiveness. Natural latex is a bit expensive, but the comfort it offers is unparalleled.

Money Back Guarantee

Most mattress toppers come with a trial period and money-back guarantee, so make sure you buy a topper with a trial period you’re comfortable with.

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