Best Mattresses for Heavy Side Sleepers

Do side sleepers have different expectations of the mattress than other obese people?

The answer is yes!

Recently, one of our readers sent us a question on our popular Ask SMHQ (Mattress Buying Help Specific Questions) section.

Rather than updating our article, aimed at anyone looking for a relevant side sleeper mattress. We plan to add a new sub-article dedicated to side sleepers. So that they can find all the information easily.

The most common question among older people who prefer to sleep on their side is:

What is the Best Mattress Type for Heavy Side Sleepers?

All side sleepers prefer a hybrid mattress. The medium firmness and softer upper provide maximum comfort for heavy people. If you sleep on your side, there will be a lot of stress on the shoulder and hip areas.

A soft hybrid mattress with a thick, high-density foam mattress base or a rolled base is the best choice. For more information, check out our buying guide below.

Here are our recommendations if you are overweight side sleepers.

Reviews of Top Mattresses for Plus-Size Side Sleepers

Brooklyn Bedding Titan Hybrid for Plus Size

  • Top cooling panel and memory foam gel for a cooling sensation and to dissipate body heat.
  • TitanFlex™ foam to shape and relieve specific pressure points.
  • The 6-inch core of 961 TitanCaliber™ Coils coated for support.
  • Bed in a box.
  • Made in the USA
  • 10 year warranty.
  • 120 nights trial with a minimum of 30 nights usage.
  • Available online only.

Titan Hybrid is our top choice for all plus size side sleepers. The mattress is available without a cooling roof and can be 20% cheaper than the mattress with a cooling roof. We recommend purchasing a mattress with a cooling cover.

The mattress feels firm to medium hard for comfortable sleeping on the side. It is 11 inches thick with 5 layers.

What we liked:

Comfort:  It is extremely comfortable and well built for a body weight of over 220 pounds.

Hot-Sleepers:  The top cooling panel and memory foam gel are effective for all sleepers, including those who frequently suffer from night sweats.

Edge Support:  top edge for heavy people. Edge support is often a bull’s eye for overweight buyers.

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

  • Top cooling panel and memory foam gel for a cooling sensation and to dissipate body heat.
  • Ultra soft cover made of Mongolian cashmere.
  • Premium Euro Top.
  • Low transfer of motion.
  • High strength encapsulated coils.
  • CertiPUR certificate.
  • Lifetime warranty called Everlong Warranty by DreamCloud.
  • 180 Day Trial (Amazon Offer).

The 14-inch mattress is a premium 6-layer hybrid with pre-activated gel memory foam. Uses heavy coated coils for good edge support. With high-density foam as the base and supporting foam, the transfer of movement is minimal.

The Eurotop offers sufficient, contoured comfort and the mattress is cooler to sleep on.

Dreamcloud gives a medium to medium firm feel. Provides a medium to medium firm feel. It has good edge support which increases the available surface of the bed.

What we liked:

 Luxury Feel: Euro Top and super soft cover maintain the body temperature and increase your luxurious feeling.

Contouring:  Provides good body contour when you sleep on your side. Good recoil support too.

Casper Wave Luxury Mattress for Heavy Broad Shoulders

  • Zoned Support ™ Max for ergonomic support of the whole body area for pain relief and pain relief during sleep.
  • AirScape™ – Advanced cooling system for hot sleepers.
  • Gel-Pod based construction for extra support around the hip area.
  • CertiPUR certificate.
  • Sample of 100 nights.
  • 10 year limited warranty.

The Casper Wave mattress is provided with supportive gel capsules. They are placed around the lumbar area of the mattress to prevent it from sagging. These help balance body weight.

The extra support for your back and spine ensures less back pain or lower back pain. This way you improve the quality of your sleep.

The mattress has 3 layers (AirScape™) perforated foam which makes it more breathable. Air channels and cooling gel help to cool your body easily.

The Casper Wave has 5 layers with polyurethane foam as the top layer, followed by natural latex as the second layer. Low is zoned memory foam.

The fourth layer has polyurethane foam gel capsules. The final layer is a base layer of coils coated with polyurethane foam to reduce motion transfer.

This is the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder or back pain.

What we liked:

Extra Support: The mattress provides good support around the waist area and is effective if you suffer from lower back pain.

Cooling Effect:  The AirScape™ cooling system works well to keep the body cool all night.

Effective for Pain:  if you are overweight and sleep on your side and often suffer from back pain. Is

Mattress Buying Guide for Heavy Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper, most of the pressure is placed on your shoulders and hips while you sleep. But if your weight is between 200 and 300 pounds, you’ll need a mattress that can support the extra weight and body shape so it can provide adequate pressure relief.

In our previous article on the best mattresses for side sleepers, we already talked about tips for buying mattresses. In this guide, we look at the specific factors to look out for if you are obese or side sleepers in plus sizes.


It is the most important factor to consider when buying your next mattress. We recommend a mattress with a soft to medium-firm mattress for good support and pressure relief for the average or lighter person.

For a heavy person, the weight distribution is not sufficient on a softer mattress. A medium to firm mattress is best suited for a tall person. Neutral spinal alignment is more difficult in side sleepers, and being heavy doesn’t help either.

You don’t want to lie on your mattress as this affects your joints and pressure points.

Mattress Type: 

The right type of mattress gives you the right firmness and support. For a heavy side sleeper, we recommend a hybrid mattress. A hybrid mattress is a combination of two or more types of material.

Hybrid mattresses are constructed with internal springs in the base and multiple layers of other materials such as polyethylene foam, memory foam, latex, etc.

But there is a caveat not to pay a cheap hybrid mattress. The low-budget mattress usually no longer lasts. Sooner or later your experience will turn to frustration.

Since the internal springs are the core of the mattress, most low-end mattresses compromise the quality of the coils.

Buy a mattress with good quality coils. For a heavy side sleeper, a 12-14 gauge thick coil is recommended. The smaller the meter, the firmer the mattress. Also keep in mind that the heavier the mattress, the firmer it will be suitable for you.

It also improves the support of the mattress edges and increases the surface-to-volume ratio.

The number of rolls is another factor that determines the age of the hybrid mattress. For a queen size mattress, the number of coils should be at least 400.

The thickness of the mattress should be 30 cm or more.

The hybrid mattress provides good airflow and good body hugging support for the shoulders and hips. The top layers are generally gel infused foam or latex. These layers have an open cell structure to dissipate body heat.

The thickness and support of the memory foam/latex layers balance the strength of the coil layer. The memory foam/latex layer provides sufficient comfort and a soft touch and the rolled-up layer prevents the feeling of sinking.


The weight of your partner or companion should also be one of the factors in determining your next mattress. If your partner is light, a firm mattress can be uncomfortable.

Which is the Best Mattress Topper for Heavy Side Sleepers?

Most of us tend to opt for a mattress topper to add a soft feel and fit to the existing mattress. But if you are heavy side sleepers, you should avoid the soft mattress topper and opt for a medium-firm topper.

Choose an ornament of medium thickness, such as 3 inches, for proper perimeter balance. Our recommendation is a Molecule AirTEC ornament.

It is a perfect topper with a cooling effect and good support. It has a triple zone to support the head, waist and legs. The foam has an open-cell foam structure which makes it breathable and provides temperature regulation.

Final Thoughts

Since we are a plus size, we assume there is no perfect mattress for us. But it may not be the correct assumption.

In our research, we found that there is a niche segment of people who are overweight and side sleepers. They have a hard time shortlisting a good mattress that can be bought with confidence.

We selected three mattresses, including our best option to buy a mattress in this segment. Share your thoughts or suggestions you have.

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