Can you Sleep on an Air Mattress Permanently?

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Last week in our popular “Ask SMHQ” section we received two questions about the use of air mattresses. We decided to take them back and share our findings with all our viewers.

One of the readers asked about sleeping on an air mattress permanently or for a longer period of time and how you can make an air mattress more comfortable.

In this blog post, we share some ideas if there are dangers of sleeping on an air mattress or sleeping on an air mattress that is bad for you. We’ve reviewed some of the best air mattresses they’ve used for a week. And it collected data and feedback from past customers who have used air mattresses for a long time.

Let me start by highlighting the most important takeaways.

“An air mattress is not an ideal replacement for any conventional mattress or bed.”


The meaning of sleeping permanently or for a long time on an air mattress can differ from person to person. In our research, we concluded that a long-term maturity can range from one to six months.

Most people with healthy backs or no recent history of back pain or related problems reported no discomfort when they slept on an air mattress daily for a month.

However, the feedback was different when it was used for more than a month. Air mattress brands have innovated and improved in recent years. There are many good options rich in features to choose the right air mattress for you.

Two Factors that can lead to Sleeping on Air Mattress Bad for you

We have some interesting observations to share with you if you plan on going for 3-6 months. There are two main problems with an air mattress with a conventional mattress.

  1. Air mattresses can be cold for sleeping. Therefore, consider insulating the air mattress to keep warm.
  2. Cheap air mattresses may not have adequate back support.

In our research, we found a buying pattern. Nearly 62% of customers have not researched this thoroughly because they “believed” that all air mattresses are more or less the same. As they were looking for a cheaper mattress, the air mattress fit this very important criterion perfectly.

Customers opted for an air mattress on the advice of a friend without thinking about supporting their backs.

Dangers of sleeping on an air mattress?

Did you know that most brands of air mattresses consider constant extended use, such as 3 months, to be overuse and not covered by the warranty?

When you start using the air mattress on a daily basis, you will notice wear and tear. The mattress may start to deflate or the hole will have to be plugged sooner or later.

People with a history of back pain don’t experiment and avoid it, especially the cheaper options (~$50). These cheaper inflatable mattresses are for those occasional guests who decided to spend the night in their dorm room.

If you plan on sleeping permanently on an air mattress, make sure you’re willing to pay more. A cheaper mattress is not worth it.

Repairing an air mattress is tedious and expensive. The cheapest and cheapest mattresses are prone to leakage. You cannot continue to purchase air mattress patch kits or continue to repair/replace air pumps.

Planning to Sleep on Air Mattress Permanently? Look for these!

Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Thick PVC
  2. Adjustable firmness
  3. NeverFlat technology or an air mattress that doesn’t deflate easily.
  4. Plush air mattress, mattress topper or pillow for extra comfort.
  5. Sturdy interior design or construction to support your back.
  6. Finally, avoid the cheapest options.

We have extensively discussed all mattresses with these properties here. So check it out.

Final Thoughts

An air mattress is not a viable option if you plan on using it daily for many months. Buy a good futon or a cheap box spring.

If you need a mattress for 3-4 months and are on a budget. A good inflatable mattress can certainly cover you without sacrificing comfort. A cheaper air mattress, even with good reviews on Amazon, may have been rated after a few uses and not as a permanent alternative.

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