How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress

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Have you ever noticed how much dust your laptop screen or side table collects during the day? Now imagine how dirty your mattress can get in a few months. For good hygiene, it is important to clean your memory foam mattress regularly.

Bedding, including mattress and pillow, must be clean. Washing covers, sheets and protector is not enough. Thoroughly clean your memory foam pillow and mattress every six months.

Dust along with sweat, dead skin cells and pollen in the air provide a breeding ground for allergens to settle on your mattress. Spilling food, drink or urine will make the situation worse.

Let’s discuss the steps for cleaning, deodorizing and deep cleaning the memory foam mattress for longevity and hygiene.

Vacuum the Mattress Regularly

  1. With a handheld vacuum, you can vacuum your memory foam mattress once a month with a brush attachment.
  2. Every night our mattresses and pillows are subject to dead skin cells and dust. It must be removed with a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Vacuum well, including knots, side folds and corners of the entire mattress.
  4. Turn/turn the mattress once every six months according to the mattress instructions and vacuum both sides before use.
  5. If dry food is spilled, immediately remove the food particles and gently vacuum the affected area.

Spot Cleaning & Deep Cleaning

  1. Stain cleaning is useful when liquid is spilled (wine, urine, blood, etc.).
  2. Rub the area of ​​the spill with an absorbent cloth or paper towel.
  3. Most memory foam stains can be removed with laundry detergent or dish soap.
  4. For a thorough clean, use an enzyme-based cleanser or make a cleaning solution by mixing 1 part mild detergent, 2 parts warm water and spray on the affected area.
  5. Do not use harsh chemicals, bleaches or harsh cleaning agents. Avoid hot water. Anything strong or hot can damage the memory foam.
  6. Gently spray / apply mixture / cleanser and rub gently. Do not spray too much on the mattress and do not soak it in liquid. Finally, clean the affected area with a damp cloth.
  7. Dry the damp part of the memory foam mattress with a clean absorbent cloth and let it dry in direct sunlight for 24 hours.
  8. Only use the mattress when it is completely dry.

Deep Cleaning the Urine, Wine & Blood Stains

The above method of deep and stain cleaning is effective on all types of easy and stubborn stains. But some stubborn stains such as pet urine, blood and wine can be difficult to remove.

Using an enzyme-based cleaner is the best option for such scenarios, but in an emergency, it is not possible to buy enzyme cleaners and wait for them.

Try this homemade cleaning solution with a clean cloth. Take 1 part hydrogen peroxide (or vinegar) and 3 parts water for the DIY cleaning fluid. Dip the clean sponge into the solution and wipe the entire surface in a circular motion.

Be sure to read the mattress instructions before using any cleaning agent. In case of confusion, do not use it or dilute the cleaner with water as we did in the DIY cleaner.

Press the area with a dry cloth to absorb excess moisture. Dry the mattress in direct sunlight or in a ventilated area.

Deodorize the Mattress

Stains can leave an odor even after vacuuming and cleaning the stains. The best way to keep your mattress feeling fresh and smelling is to deodorize your mattress.

Use powdered borax (or baking soda) and sprinkle over the already cleaned spill area. Rub gently once or twice. Leave it in a ventilated area for a few hours.

Vacuum carefully with a handheld vacuum cleaner. Repeat the process after a few hours if necessary.

Mattress Care: Enhance the Life

Memory foam needs a care and cleaning program to sleep carefree. Accidents can happen and mattresses can be subject to any kind of spillage. Regular dust, dead skin cells and sweat are inevitable.

The best way to extend the life of a mattress is to change the sheets regularly and wash the cover regularly.

Mattress protector and Mattress Encasement:  It can be effective to keep the mattress clean. If you have invested in a good mattress, we recommend that you spend more and invest in a mattress protector.

Cleaning and washing a mattress cover and protector is easier. Extends the life of the mattress.

Using a mattress topper or mattress topper helps keep the mattress clean in the long run.

Rotate Your Mattress:  Rotate or rotate your mattress once every six months. Please note that not all mattresses can be turned over, but they can be turned. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for this.

Sunlight: Direct sunlight kills many microbes. It is one of the most effective strategies for keeping your mattress cool. In areas with high moisture content in the air, it should be practiced more religiously.

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