How to Wash a Memory Foam Pillow

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Most sleepers prefer a memory foam pillow. They fit perfectly and provide good pressure relief. But ignoring pillow cleaning can backfire.

Pillows and mattresses are easy targets for dust mites. Sweat and dead skin can contaminate many bacteria and allergens. The pillows are closer to your face and you may end up inhaling microorganisms that can cause potential health risks.

The article will help you to sleep well and peacefully. Regular cleaning of a memory foam pillow is a must. There are many myths and assumptions about washing memory foam pillows.

We will simplify the cleaning process by providing step-by-step instructions to make the process easier.

How to clean a memory foam pillow?

Good pillow hygiene should be maintained to keep the memory foam pillow clean. Depending on the condition of the memory foam, the following methods are recommended for cleaning a memory foam pillow.

  1. Deodorize the pillow
  2. Stain cleaning
  3. Deep cleaning

Let’s dive into each of them and understand when and how to use each method.

How to deodorize a memory foam pillow?

The best time to deodorize a memory foam pillow is when it starts to smell unpleasant. The unpleasant odor may be from a new pillow due to the release of gas, or your pillow has started to smell strange.

  1. Remove the pillowcase and/or protective cover.
  2. Place the pillow in direct sunlight and sprinkle baking soda on the pillow. Leave in direct sunlight for at least 2-3 hours.
  3. Wash the pillowcase and protective cover as directed in the pillow instructions.
  4. Vacuum the pillow thoroughly to remove the backing soda.

Repeat steps 2 and 4 if desired, otherwise an odor will remain.

Spot cleaning for Blood/Wine/Urine Stains

If the pillow has some blood/wine or pet urine stains, we recommend cleaning the stains as soon as possible. These are the steps to a flawless, clean pillow.

  1. Remove all protective covers from the pillow.
  2. For a fresh stain, use an absorbent cloth or paper towel to gently soak up excess moisture.
  3. Mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, and two tablespoons of baking soda. Apply with an old toothbrush.
  4. Leave it overnight or 12 hours.
  5. Gently clean the stain with cold water.
  6. Dry the pillow in direct sunlight.

Make sure you have completely dried the pillow before using it. Any amount of moisture becomes a breeding ground for allergens.

Deep Clean the Memory Foam Pillow

We recommend that you thoroughly clean or wash the memory foam pillow once every six months. It is important to note that any severe tension or pressure can break the memory foam in the pillow. Therefore, avoid machine washing the pillow unless otherwise stated on the pillow.

Here are the steps to thoroughly clean your pillow.

  1. Fill the wide tub with warm water (avoid hot water) and a mild detergent. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for an after-wash fragrance. Make sure the water is not too soapy.
  2. Dip the pillow in the tub and squeeze a few times to remove all the dirt.
  3. Place the pad in clean water and squeeze gently a few times to remove the suds.
  4. Squeeze out the excess water and let it dry in direct sunlight or in a ventilated area. It can take between 24 and 72 hours.

Can you machine wash a memory foam pillow?

No, you cannot wash a memory foam pillow in a washing machine. Memory foam can be damaged if shaken and twisted vigorously. It will shorten the life of the pillow. Hot water can also damage or melt memory foam due to high temperatures.

How to wash a shredded memory foam pillow?

Shredded memory foam pillows are generally machine washable, but make a diligent effort at cross-checking by reading the directions on the pillow’s label. Always use a mild detergent for washing.

How to dry a memory foam pillow?

It is essential to dry the memory foam pillow before using it. The ideal way to dry a memory foam pillow is to place it in direct sunlight or under a ceiling fan in a ventilated area.

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