FULI 100% Cotton Fitted Sheets, Japanese Futon Mattress Cover, Futon Sofa, Bed Sheet, Made in Japan (Dark Gray, Full)




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Better Sleep. Better Life.

Our mission is to help you enjoy better sleep for a better life.

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Good futon and good tatami mats for a good sleep.

FULI JAPAN products are exclusively made in Japan to the highest standards.

A good quality futon will bring you a good night’s sleep, and the best relaxation comes from the best quality.

Please give FULI JAPAN futons a try!

100% Cotton FULI Original Fitted Sheets – Enjoy the unique soft touch of cotton. This is an elegant bed cover made with Japan’s excellent dyeing and sewing technology.
Japanese made mattress covers to support a comfortable night’s sleep – Cotton is a material well suited to the Japanese climate, where there are great variations between the four seasons. Spring and autumn experience intense variations in humidity, summer nights are as hot as in tropical climates, and the cold winters are characterized by heavy snowfall. That’s why Japanese mattresses and covers, including our products, are made to help you stay cool in summer and warm in spring and autumn.
Fitted sheets that are easy to remove – The sheet is lined with synthetic rubber around the edge of its underside, so it firmly grips and holds on to the mattress. Simply cover a futon, sofa, or mattress with the sheet and it will neatly fit all four corners. These sheets were carefully designed to minimize shifting, even over an entire night. * The gussets are large to accommodate mattresses. If used on a futon, the sheet may feel loose.
Suitable for use in all seasons – Made from cotton, these sheets are highly absorbent and breathable, keeping you cool in summer, warm in winter, and helping you sleep comfortably all year round. Feels good on the skin and can be used in any season.
Size: Full / Product Size: 57″ x 75″ x 12″ / Packing Size: 12.3″ x 9.5″ x 1.6″ / Shipping Weight: 1.7 lbs. / Thread Count: 205
Excellent thermal properties – Cotton contains a lot of air between its fibers. Its hollow and naturally twisted fibers form many overlapping layers, creating air pockets that result in a soft, warm sheet.
Comfortable springiness and feel – As a natural fiber, cotton has a mildly acidic pH, close to that of human skin. It therefore does not irritate the skin of babies or people with sensitive skin, and has a pleasant springiness and a comfortable feel.
Cotton’s signature durability – After washing the sheet, sun drying will remove moisture and cause the fibers to shrink. This restores the sheet’s original volume, allowing you to enjoy the cotton’s warmth for a long period of time
* We recommend that people with latex allergies avoid using this product.
Washable – Our fitted sheets are fully machine washable. Repeated washes are unlikely to cause damage, and in fact make the fabric softer and even kinder to the skin. * Please avoid tumble drying as this will cause shrinkage.


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