Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress Review


Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress Review

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Puffy is a household name in the online mattress industry. Launched in 2017, Puffy now offers hybrid and foam mattresses at various prices.

Puffy manufactures all of their beds in the United States and there are currently three types of mattresses: Puffy Original All-Foam, Puffy Lux Hybrid, and Puffy Royal Hybrid. Due to the growing demand for its hybrid mattresses, Puffy has discontinued the foam variants of both the Lux and Royal.

Royal Hybrid is Puffy’s thickest mattress at over 14 inches thick.

If you are looking for lumbar support, Puffy Royal could be your ideal choice. Among Puffy’s most luxurious mattresses, the Royal has a variety of functions.

Our Puffy Royal Mattress review will examine the mattress’s performance in terms of firmness, feel, temperature level and pressure relief. This detailed review will help you decide if Puffy Royal Hybrid is the mattress you are looking for.


The Puffy Royal Hybrid is a thick, luxurious mattress designed with 4 layers of luxurious memory foam and a contour-contouring mesh base. By adapting to the unique curves of your body, it provides an experience of support and stability for the contours of the body.

With its exclusive Cloud Air technology, the mattress provides targeted pressure relief for the entire body. This technology also adds extra comfort to the back and hips, as well as a softer, plush feel under the shoulders and legs.

A 1.5 inch cooling layer forms the top layer of the Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress. Infused cooling beads help you sleep in the most comfortable environment by reducing heat retention. Puffy believes that the quality of their mattress is so excellent that they offer a lifetime warranty.

Key Highlights

Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress
  • Price Range: $1,349 – $2,699
  • Mattress type: hybrid
  • Thickness: 14 inches
  • Firmness: Slightly soft (4)
  • Trial Period: 101 Night Trial
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty


  • Perfect for side sleepers, the soft foam top layers help relieve pressure and prevent joint pain.
  • The Royal improves the isolation of movement between sleeping partners and ensures that you experience no interruptions during sleep.


  • Puffy has moderate edge support, so you may not be comfortable lying or sitting near the edge of the bed.
  • This mattress is not recommended for those who sleep on their stomach or who prefer a firmer mattress for adequate spinal support.
  • It is not an ideal option for overweight people who weigh more than 250 pounds.

Construction and Structure of Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress

Puffy’s Royal Hybrid has a spiral base that follows the contours and foam that provides support while providing a plush, soft feel. Please note that all foams used by Puffy are certified by CertiPUR-US® meaning they contain no toxic chemicals or harmful heavy metals.

This 14 inch thick mattress has 7 layers including memory foam and pocket coils.

The top layer is made of a polyester cloud layer. It is resistant to stains and anti-allergy, keeping the bed clean and fresh. This is followed by a 1.5 inch layer of memory foam infused with gel beads. This layer extracts heat from the body.

Directly below this layer is another layer of 1.5 inches of ultra-responsive body contour foam. A total of 15 cm of memory foam in the mattress provides a supportive feeling and reflective pressure relief for the sleeper.

Next up is two inches of Puffy’s patented Climate Comfort™ Styrofoam, which wicks away moisture and promotes airflow. The next layer is the 2-inch Puffy Cloud Air foam which provides full body support.

The Puffy Royal Hybrid has a base with a 6-inch contour-adaptive pocket coil layer and a 1-inch coated polyethylene foam layer. The coils provide edge support, while the foam aids in motion isolation.

In the last layer you will find a grippy bottom cover that ensures that your mattress stays in place even when you are turning.

Feel and Experience

When it comes to a mattress, a responsive bed is important for heavy sleepers who hate the feeling of being trapped in their bed. Despite being softer and having a thick padding on top of the individually wrapped coils, the Puffy Royal Hybrid is not very responsive. But you get the cool, comfortable and relaxing sleep you need with its ultra-thin, breathable, silky and luxurious cover.


The firmness of the mattress is a critical factor to consider when buying a bed. We’ve rated the Puffy Royal Hybrid 4 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale, with 10 being the strongest. Those who sleep on their side will appreciate the smooth surface that keeps their hips and shoulders from getting too much pressure on a firm bed.

People who suffer from arthritis or other joint disorders may also find this mattress useful. However, as a stomach sleeper or someone who prefers a firm bed, it is not ideal.

Pressure Relief

Puffy’s Royal Hybrid combines dense layers of foam and contoured coils for a soft, comfortable feel. You will experience a sinking, contoured feeling that relieves pressure on the bed.

Together with the zoned design and the highest quality coils, the comfort layers provide better support for your spine. This mattress offers pain-free sleep with the perfect balance of comfort and support that doesn’t put pressure on your hips and shoulders.


Puffy Royal Hybrid’s Cooling Cloud foam, Climate Comfort™ foam and cooling gel infused with memory foam prevent this bed from overheating. With potted coils, there are many air currents that contribute to the cooling effects.

In addition, Cloud-Air technology reduces heat absorption and allows more airflow for a cooler night’s sleep. The soft, breathable cover also keeps the sleeping surface cool to the touch. The mattress is recommended for regular warm sleepers who want a cool, temperature-controlled night’s sleep.

Spine Alignment and Sleeping Positions

When you lie down in bed, the perfect mattress conforms to the natural curve of your spine. With the Royal Hybrid you can enjoy a supportive body contour and stability that adapts to your unique curves.

Side Sleepers

The soft and comfortable layers on top make the Puffy Royal Hybrid popular with side sleepers. The best mattress for side sleepers is one that is not too firm and where the body sinks into for maximum comfort.

Puffy Royal Hybrid is great for side sleepers who are medium and light. The mattress molds to your body and relieves pressure on your shoulders and hips. While many heavy side sleepers can also enjoy the comfort of bed. Other heavy sleepers may find this mattress uncomfortable as it can sink too far into the comfort layers.

Back Sleepers

The best mattress for those who sleep on their backs is one that can evenly distribute their body weight and prevent their hips from sinking into it. The Puffy Royal Hybrid is perfect for people who sleep on their backs, but also for people with a light to medium weight. The spirals on the bed ensure that the hips of these sleepers remain high.

Unfortunately, this mattress is too luxurious for those who sleep on their backs. They may feel a little trapped or sunk in the Puffy Royal Hybrid.

Stomach Sleepers

In general, firm mattresses, like back sleepers, are more comfortable for stomach sleepers. A mattress that is too soft puts stomach sleepers at risk for spinal alignment problems. Therefore, the Puffy Royal Hybrid may not be the best option for stomach, medium, or lightweight sleepers.

This mattress has four soft, padded layers of polyfoam that cause stomach sleepers to push their hips too low, disrupting the natural curvature of the spine and potentially causing back pain. Stomach sleepers should opt for a dense foam or supportive hybrid mattress that can keep their hips and lower back elevated.

Heavy People

Mattresses for heavy sleepers should support the body. This soft mattress is not an ideal mattress for heavy sleepers. Despite the internal spring construction, this mattress does not provide sufficient support for overweight sleepers.

Heavier sleepers may sink too deeply into the Puffy Royal Hybrid. Their bodies were able to sink into the comfortable foam layers of the bed and make contact with the sensitive coils beneath. Therefore, we do not recommend this mattress for heavy sleepers.


When you share your bed with a partner, it is important to take a number of additional factors into account when purchasing a new mattress. There are several features to consider, such as motion transfer, performance during sex, edge support, and cooling.

Couples who share a bed prefer mattresses that isolate movement. This mattress has several layers of dense memory foam and thus has excellent movement absorption capacity. This plush mattress prevents couples from being disturbed by their partners’ restless movements.

In general, couples prefer inflatable and sensitive beds for sex. The Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress has single coils in the base layer, but the multiple layers of foam above the coil level minimize bouncing and make movement around the bed very difficult. It’s not a good mattress for sex. Also, some couples may experience sagging while lying on the edge of the bed.

A combination of the breathable polyester puffer cover, Cooling Cloud Foam, Climate Comfort Foam and cooling gel throughout the memory foam ensures a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

At the edge of the bed, the mattress begins to collapse, giving you the feeling that you could fall. One of the main shortcomings of the Puffy Royal Hybrid is its weak edge support.

Motion Transfer

If your sleeping partner is a restless sleeper, it can sometimes be difficult to sleep in the same bed. Fortunately, the Royal Hybrid is your dream savior. Puffy Hybrid has a very low degree of motion transfer. The thick foam layer on top helps absorb movement and prevents movement from being transferred. With this plush mattress you won’t be bothered by a restless sleeping companion.

Edge Support

Bed edge support can be a must-have for people who move a lot in their sleep, who venture to the edge. It’s just the amount of support a bed provides around the perimeter. Puffy Royal Hybrid is soft and fluffy with weak edge support.

There is a small amount of support provided by the internal springs in this mattress, although some may still feel sagging under pressure when lying down or sitting on the edge of the bed.

Sleep Quality

The mattress is designed to meet the needs and preferences of different sleepers. In addition to pressure relief and a cloud feeling, Royal Hybrid offers you optimal support on the body parts where you need it most.

It also provides the precise combination of comfort and pressure-relieving support needed for a good night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts

The Puffy Royal Hybrid is a good choice for you if you are looking for a mattress with a first-class construction, thickness and some luxurious features. The Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress combines coils with individual pockets with thick layers of slow-reacting memory foam to give you a luxurious sleep experience.

With its zoned support layer and cloud technology, heavier parts of the body will experience more lift. While in our review the Puffy Royal Hybrid did not meet our expectations for stomach sleepers and some heavyweight people, it will provide adequate support and pressure relief for side and back sleepers.

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