Best Air Mattresses for Everyday Use

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Have you ever experienced that there are guests in your house, but you don’t have enough mattresses to give them a good night’s sleep?

If you get stuck in situations like this, an air mattress is just what you need. These air mattresses can be stored in a carrying case that does not take up much space and is considerably lightweight. When you need it, you can inflate the air mattress with a built-in pump for your guests.

People are often confused about which air mattress is the best to use. First of all, each person may have different requirements and so a single air mattress may not be best for everyone.

Second, since they cost significantly less than traditional mattresses, there is always the possibility that many companies will use inferior quality materials to set lower prices. And you will eventually find a hole in an air mattress to make them last longer. Finally, you can use an air mattress in your daily life without any risk or harm.

To help you shop for the best air mattress for everyday use, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten air mattresses, along with their most notable features and user experiences.

This list can help you immensely in choosing the precise mattress that will give you a peaceful, stress-free sleep every time you lie on it.

Go ahead and find your ideal mattress.

List of Best Air Mattresses for Everyday Use

Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use in 2021

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

  • Internal air purge mechanism.
  • Firm bottom thanks to Sure Grip technology.
  • 1 click pump.
  • 1 year warranty.

SoundAsleep as a company has mastered delivering quality service and maintaining a satisfied customer base. It has consistently delivered perfect quality and absolute comfort with its Dream Series air mattresses. Some notable features of this air mattress are:

  • ComfortCoil technology for soothing relaxation
  • Waterproof top along with extra thickness.
  • 15 gauge multi-layer puncture resistant material for extra strength.
  • Patented internal pump that delivers the most immediate inflation/deflation with a single click.
  • Sure-Grip base technology to prevent unnecessary slipping.
  • It comes with a carrying case for unparalleled convenience.
  • 1 year limited warranty.

People have consistently credited it as the best mattress for everyday use due to its easy inflation/deflation and unparalleled strength. Most users have ensured an excellent and comfortable night’s sleep on this air mattress.

However, certain users have also raised some minor issues such as inflation in the center and sometimes due to prolonged use, it may not hold air or remain inflated for a long period of time. But its convenience and customer service make it an industry favorite. Truly the best air mattress accepted by almost all users.

Why should You Buy this mattress?

Air mattresses can become problematic with regular use, but this mattress is designed to provide continuous comfort and durability, even after continuous use in our daily lives. It is a must to buy if:

Patented Built-in Pump:  The mattress has an internal pump that can be inflated/deflated in 4 minutes with a single click

Sure-Grip Bottom:  The secure grip base of this air mattress prevents slipping and provides good suction on any surface

40 individual air coils: – These coils provide a flat sleeping surface for great comfort

Storage Bag:  This nylon bag can be used not only for transportation, but also for storing the bed when not in use at home.

1 Year Warranty:  Fast and efficient customer service is one of the main reasons this mattress is our top pick for the best air mattresses.

Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Mattress

  • External pump inflation available.
  • Two-way valve for quick deflation.
  • High thickness.
  • 1 year warranty.

If you want to buy an air mattress that gives you the feeling of an original bed, Fox Airbed is the perfect choice for you. Covered in a high plush layer, it is a true queen size air mattress. The fabric on the top is made of cotton, silk and wool. It also comes with two included pillows and a quick two-way pump to inflate/deflate. Some notable features for a buyer are:

  • The mattress also allows for external inflation or ultra-fast deflation thanks to a pinch valve.
  • The dimensions of this mattress fit standard queen size sheets, so it’s a good idea to find the right sheet size for your mattress.
  • Innovative I-Beam Coils Provide Unobstructed Base Support
  • The bed comes with 43% thicker vinyl than other beds, proving its strength and sturdiness.
  • There are reinforced chambers on the sides that provide stability.

A key feature that all customers love is the memory foam upper that provides a traditional bed feel not present in most other air mattresses.

Many users have called it the precise combination of softness and firmness, while some users have advised wearing a topper over memory foam as the fabric can get a bit warm and cause unnecessary sweating for the person sleeping on it.

But this bed really proved that even a small innovation can grab the customer’s attention if implemented correctly.

Why should You Buy this mattress?

Fits standard size sheets:  – As it matches the size of standard queen size sheets, your extra expenses can be reduced by using the sheets already available.

Added Comfort :  Since it has an extra plush with a great height, it is even difficult to distinguish this air mattress from a traditional bed.

1 Year Warranty:  For any leaks or other issues, customer service is available with repairs or replacements within the first year of your purchase.

Insta Bed Raised with never Flat Pump

  • Double Pump technology is never FLAT.
  • Welded round coils for extra strength.
  • Insta Bed technology for perfect posture.
  • 1 year warranty.

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If you have trouble getting out of a low bed, the Insta Raised Bed is the perfect solution for you. With a raised surface of 18 inches makes getting up easier, while the NeverFlat technology ensures that your sleeping position is never compromised and comfort is guaranteed. Some notable features of this brilliant air mattress are listed below:

  • Innovative NeverFlat technology ensures that the mattress does not deflate overnight
  • 35 round coils provide continuous comfort and relief
  • The top layer is covered with suede for a soft sleeping surface.
  • The mattress comes with a carrying bag that allows the user to easily carry the mattress outside.
  • Customer support is provided for any issues and a 1 year warranty

Customers appreciate the backup pump that prevents premature emptying. The motors do not make any noise and the mattress remains flat during the period of use. Many consumers have complained about leaks, but the healthcare team fixed the issue and dealt with it efficiently.

Leaks usually occur on air mattresses as a result of rough handling and do not indicate an inherent defect in workmanship.

Why should You Buy This Mattress?

Auto-Shutoff System :  The double pump system comes with the automatic stop function when the air mattress is fully inflated or deflated

Innovative Insta-Bed: – Insta bed technology provides good firmness and helps to ensure correct sleeping position is maintained.

Welded Construction: This construction provides an airtight system to prevent leakage.

King Koil Queen Size Luxury Raised Air Mattress

  • Soft flock layer.
  • Built-in cushion.
  • Thick and durable waterproof duvet cover.
  • 1 year warranty.

If you are looking for luxury at an affordable price, this mattress can give you a luxurious look and unparalleled comfort. King Koil mattresses are so good that they are even used by several hotel chains. Beautiful appearance and absolute comfort are trademarks of this mattress. Some important features are:

  • Fully flocked with a built-in cushion
  • Thick and waterproof quilt top
  • Suede bedding to avoid unnecessary movements.
  • Pluggable internal pump for easy inflation/deflation
  • Air-filled coils and perfect inner layers ensure precise spinal alignment
  • 1 year limited warranty

People have a worry-free and uninterrupted experience with these mattresses. This mattress has provided sufficient comfort along with the beautiful appearance that it radiates for the buyers. It has been named by many homeowners as the best air mattress for everyday use.

People have also praised customer service for quickly and pleasantly resolving any complaints and issues.

Why should You Buy this mattress?

2 minute inflation time: Many users have accepted the company’s claim that inflation is fast in just 2 minutes.

Raised height:  The mattress has a raised height of 20 inches which gives the feel of a traditional bed.

Enhanced Coil Technology:   PVC layers and flocked top along with internal coils to maintain correct posture while sleeping

Clinically Tested: – This is the only air mattress approved by the International Association of Chiropractors for proper spinal alignment and a healthy night’s sleep.

Wondersleep Classic Series Air Mattress

  • DreamCoil technology for durability.
  • Rotary pump for fast inflation / deflation.
  • Multi-layer puncture resistant material.
  • 1 year warranty.

Everyone needs a peaceful and stress-free night’s sleep from the deflated or unnecessary sheet that slips over the mattress. This air mattress is the best match for you. Comes with a leak repair kit and a storage bag.

This air mattress aims to bring a joyful and relaxing experience to all its buyers. ETL certified pump allows for fast inflation/deflation, which is claimed to take 4 minutes. The flocked upper is made of waterproof and puncture-resistant material. Some attractive features of this mattress are:

  • The extra thick material ensures sufficient durability.
  • Air-filled columns and internal honeycomb design keep column straight
  • Rounded edge grooves hold the blades securely
  • Triple-sealed seams for unnecessary air leaks

People have happily accepted the fact that they might pay a little more to get this mattress, but the durability and longevity are true to every cent they pay to get this mattress. The strength of the base combined with the soft flocked top is a difficult characteristic to find in many air mattresses, but Wondersleep has achieved this precise combination, satisfying users with comfort and stability.

Sometimes people can’t understand the “expanded” look of this mattress and can eventually create a vanishing point, but following the instructions for use correctly can provide continuous lighting and constant air levels for a wonderful sleeping experience.

Why should you buy this mattress?

DreamCoil Technology: provides stability and especially helps people with chronic back pain

Puncture-Resistant Material: the bottom has an extra thick layer that ensures a smooth use of the mattress on any rough or hard surface

Reinforced Bottom:  this protects against unwanted slipping and keeps the mattress stable

1 Year Warranty: – Customer Service is here to assist you at all stages and resolve any issues that may arise during the first 12 months of using this mattress.

AirMattress Raised Inflatable Bed

  • Recommended by chiropractors for back pain.
  • Equipped with white sheet for a neat look.
  • Laminated vinyl material.
  • 1 year warranty.

This mattress is a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in this product. Marketed with a 60-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty, this mattress is the most durable air mattress for everyday use.

It comes with a 60 day trial to check and decide if you can fall in love with this product. If you experience any problems within those 60 days, you can get your money back and return the product. Some technical information about this product is:

  • Unlike many air mattresses, this mattress provides full back support and maintains a certain level of firmness.
  • A layer of vinyl on top and a layer of nylon laminate underneath ensures long-lasting use.
  • Unique side bed skirt and top layer provide warmth and a soft sleeping surface.
  • The reversible pump allows you to push extra air in after inflation.
  • Endorsed by several chiropractors

The most surprising element of this mattress is not the positive feedback from the users, but the magical or extraordinary experiences they have had while sleeping on it. Many people have testified that this mattress has reduced their back pain.

People appreciate this air mattress for maintaining the exact level of firmness. People also praised AirMattress’ excellent customer service. For a few extra dollars, this air mattress promises a comfortable, stress-free sleepover.

Why should you buy this mattress?

Relieving back pain: Chiropractors recommend this mattress for those with chronic back pain and injuries.

Unmatched strength:  This air mattress has the strongest base along with the softness on top

Beautiful: Fluttering side bed and already fitting top sheet make this the most stylish air mattress on the market

Leak-Proof:  Vinyl and Nylon layers provide long life for the mattress, making it the best air mattress for extended use.

Risk-Free: – a 60-day trial gives the customer confidence and a 1-year warranty is also provided for any problems.

Intex Comfort Dura-Beam AirBed with Internal Electric Pump

  • 110-120V internal pump for inflation and deflation.
  • The Dura-Beam air mattress uses a Fiber Tech inner construction.
  • Unique edge protection for more sleeping space.
  • 90 days warranty.

Intex Comfort Dura-Beam is an affordable air mattress packed with features. It is known for its comfortable design and low weight. The mattress has become a perfect combination of durability and affordability. Some features of this air mattress are:

  • Internal electric pump for inflation / deflation. Option for a hand pump is also available
  • A soft and velvety plush surface that improves your sleep.
  • Indented sides keep the blade from sliding or sliding
  • Dual Air PillowTop System for extra comfort
  • Fiber technology construction for amazing softness and durability

While most buyers gave it a 5-star rating, some customers raised issues such as a lack of prompt and efficient customer service from Intex.

Many buyers praised the great quality offered at that price, while others appreciated the durable, velvety top surface of the air mattress with the quilted top. A low warranty period can be a problem for some cautious customers.

Why should you buy this mattress?

Patented Fibre-Tech Interior Construction: This innovative technology features thousands of polyester fibers for continued stability and support

Decreased Weight:  this mattress is light and easy to transport

Carry Bag Included: An easy-to-use carrying case is included for storage and transport

Coleman Quick Bed Single High Airbed Mattress

  • Anti-microbial surface to reduce odor.
  • Hermetic system to prevent leaks.
  • Comfort Strong Coil Support System for more resistance.
  • 1 year warranty.

Coleman QuickBed is one of those air mattresses that doesn’t lose or deflate air at night and cause problems during sleep. This Coleman air mattress comes with a technically proven AirTight system that ensures no leakage and permanent firmness. Some notable features of this air mattress are:

  • Soft Plush Top provides a comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Wrap N Roll Built allows for easy mattress storage
  • Double sealed valve to prevent leakage
  • Durable thanks to thick PVC at a reasonable price

Several consumers voted for this mattress because of its superior quality at an affordable price. Customers love the softness of the lid and the stability of a sturdy base. Buyers also praised the Airtight system that keeps the mattress inflated long enough. While there is no internal pump, some customers have emphasized the need to purchase a pump sold separately.

Why should you buy this mattress?

Lightweight:  It weighs about 10 pounds, making it easy to transport and store.

Cost: At under $50, this offers great quality at an affordable price.

Coil System: Compared to other airbeds in this price range, they can have mid-sag issues due to the beam construction, but Coleman Quick Bed has a spiral system that doesn’t allow this.

1 Year Warranty:  Allows you to contact and use customer support when needed

Active Era Air Mattress

  • 35 structured coils for support and comfort.
  • Built-in 3-inch cushion.
  • Waterproof and puncture resistant 15 gauge material.
  • 1 year warranty.

With a super-fast inflation/deflation claim in less than 3 minutes, Active Era offers a stable and pocket-friendly air mattress. Raised 17 inches off the ground, this air mattress also has deluxe features, but at a relatively low price. Some of the most attractive features are:

  • Built-in pump provides inflation/deflation in 3 minutes
  • Waterproof and super soft top surface for a relaxed sleeping experience
  • Manual air valve is equipped to provide flexibility
  • 5 structured coils provide maximum comfort and ensure correct posture without pressure on the spine
  • An integrated pillow provides optimal support for the head and neck

Users loved the space this mattress offered at an affordable price. The pump is really fast and provides instant inflation/deflation. This mattress guarantees absolute comfort without major problems, making it a suitable purchase at a reasonable price.

Why should You Buy this mattress?

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use: – The compact construction and carrying case make it portable and convenient for both everyday and outdoor use

Flocked Top:  The top of the mattress is soft, flocked and waterproof for comfort and support.

Puncture resistance : A 15-gauge puncture-resistant PVC offers best-in-class strength at the base

1 Year Warranty:  Like other mattresses on this list, Active Era offers a 1 year warranty to protect against any damage.

Serta Raised Air Mattress with NeverFlat Pump

  • NeverFlat pump technology.
  • Patented inflation/deflation system in less than 4 minutes.
  • Support of 21 round coils for more comfort.
  • 1 year warranty.

With 35 round coils and a soft flocked top, the Serta Raised Air Mattress is our latest pick of the top 10 inflatable mattresses. Made from the best quality material, this mattress also uses NeverFlat technology to maintain durability and prevent air leakage and bed deflation. Some features of the Serta air mattress are as follows:

  • 35 round coils along with vertical and horizontal crosses add to the comfortable sleeping experience
  • Customizable personal comfort settings with Plush, Medium or Firm . modes
  • Increased height to 20 inches to make getting up easier
  • The secondary pump maintains the air level throughout the night to prevent unwanted subsidence.

The Serta raised air mattress has a silent pump and is topped off with efficient customer service; however, some customers had real issues such as lumps or delayed inflation/deflation 10-11 months after purchase. But the customer service has received a lot of applause from several buyers for solving all these consumer problems in a fast and hassle-free manner.

Why should You Buy this mattress?

Easy To Use: The air mattress is comfortable to use and has a single switch that starts the inflation / deflation

Lightweight : The reduced weight of this bed makes it easier to transport and store in the carry bag that comes with the mattress

1 Year Warranty: – The high customer support recognition in many reviews is a testament to the company’s commitment to assist all buyers and resolve their complaints urgently.

Can Bedbugs get in an Air Mattress?

It is a big problem with a traditional mattress that could become a habitat for small insects and parasites such as bugs and mites. Traditional spiral mattresses help these organisms reproduce and cause various allergies in users that are completely unwanted. Many people also deal with respiratory and other problems due to dust and parasites.

But all this is eradicated with the use of an air mattress. These do not provide the right ecosystem for these insects to live in, as most air mattresses are made of PVC material that does not support the life of insects or mites in or on the bed surface.

However, this does not guarantee that the air mattresses are completely error-free. The top surface, when covered with sheets, can become cozy and attractive to bed bugs and dust mites. But in general, air mattresses are a suitable option so that insects or insects do not disturb your sleep and cause health complications.

Many have also indicated that using zippered bags or covers is a suitable solution if your sheets are infested with bed bugs and parasites.

Why is my Air Mattress Deflating?

The reason that air mattresses face the problem of deflation is not a manufacturing defect, but a natural process or physical change in the structure of an air mattress.

This deflation usually happens at night and there is a scientific reason for it.

The continuous pressure exerted by the body of the person sleeping on the mattress allows some air to pass through a small space present in all air mattresses to give a minimum space to breathe.

Other than that at night the temperature is cooler than the day. This minimizes condensation from the air mattress and when we see the air mattress in the morning we notice that it has lost a lot of air. But in reality, the air mattress has just gone through a scientific phenomenon that is not harmful and cannot affect your air mattress in any way. This process or problem occurs with all air mattresses.

However, some air mattresses may have a specific problem as there may be a pinhole or hole through which trapped air can leak out and cause excessive and unwanted deflation. This requires some repair and therefore it is always recommended to choose those air mattresses that are made of puncture resistant material.

What is a Flocked Air Mattress?

Simply put, a flocked air mattress is specifically for outdoor use. It is helpful when using activities such as camping, travel, etc.

Flocked air mattresses have an extra layer of thickness that keeps the base strong and allows unobstructed use even in difficult conditions such as rubble or muddy terrain. There is also a velvet top layer over the flocked air mattresses which gives them a beautiful look and unparalleled appeal.

However, it is not mandatory to maintain flocked air mattresses for outdoor use. These air mattresses can be used for home and everyday use as well as use for family picnics or camping activities.

Final Thoughts

Chiropractors promote air mattresses to support the spine and maintain proper sleeping position. This leaves no reason for you not to purchase a superior quality, cost-effective air mattress for everyday and outdoor use.

Our list has been compiled after good research and user experiences to bring you the best air mattresses that will ensure you have the most comfortable sleeping experience. Buying an air mattress is not rocket science, but it is not easy either. Go through the list above and find your best combination to make every night restful.

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