Best Mattresses at Costco

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Costco as a brand needs no introduction. It is reliable and has a price advantage that most of us are interested in.

As 2020 has progressed, our buying patterns and needs have changed for the better. Maybe 2020 sometimes forced us to buy online and sometimes we find it comfortable to buy online when we know for sure what to buy.

Finally, customers return to buy products in physical stores. Costco may be your go-to store to do all your grocery shopping, but in today’s article, we’ll explore some of the best mattresses at Costco that you should buy.

It can be quite attractive to opt for a certain mattress or model because it is the cheapest at Costco. But is it the best way to look during a mattress?

We’ll see a 360-degree view of this approach.

About Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale is a leading retailer offering quality products to its members with unparalleled deals. When it comes to mattresses, you have some of the best mattress brands in your store, if not all. It also has some mattress models like Casper Select that are made exclusively for Costco shoppers.

Best Costco Mattresses That Stood Out

Novaform Serafina Pearl Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Novafoam is one of the most popular American mattress brands with Costco shoppers. The Serafina Pearl is the best of all the models Novaform presents. This is a 14” gel foam memory foam mattress available without a box spring. It can be used on any platform.

It has a three-layer design, comes with a 20-year warranty and is certified by CertiPUR-US®. In addition, it is available in three degrees of hardness: firm, medium and soft.

Why You Should Buy?

The top layer is made with memory foam gel and is able to let you sleep fresh without hot flashes. So if you’re a hot sleeper looking for an affordable mattress under $1000, Serafina Pearl is worth considering.

Cons You Should Know

Perhaps the biggest drawback is the price, which will set you back over $700 for a queen-size mattress. There are equally capable options available online at much lower prices.

Sleep Science iFlip Sonoma

Sleep science is another popular choice for mattress buyers at Costco. You have the ultimate choice with over 30 options to buy. It can be confusing for some buyers as the problem of abundance can be really overwhelming.

With so many options, we believe iFlip Sonoma will serve you in the best possible way. It is a 30 cm (30 cm) memory foam mattress that can be turned over for comfortable firmness. It has a 5-layer foam design to provide you with ample pressure relief. The foams are certified by CertiPUR-US and the mattress comes with a 20-year warranty.

Why You Should Buy?

It is best for someone who has different needs throughout the season. It is a double firm folding mattress. With a softer side and a firmer side (medium-firm to be exact), it’s the best of both worlds. Color-coded cover makes it even easier to visually understand sturdiness.

Since it is a hypoallergenic mattress, it would attract customers prone to allergies.

Cons You Should Know

It’s another addition to mattresses under $1000 that will cost you $700 or more. Also, some previous customers were not satisfied with the support and durability of the mattress after a few months of use.

Cocoon by Sealy


Cocoon by Sealy is a sub-brand of the well-known Sealy. It is advertised as Chill Mattress and with good reason. It is available in two full foam options: memory foam mattress and hybrid mattress. In our review, the 12” hybrid mattress performed better for its back support.

The mattress has a rolled-up layer of Premium Bolsa® fabric as the mattress core. It is the main responsible for a reassuring and restful sleep. The coils are well supported by CertiPUR-US memory foam.

The foam helps align the spine and reduces pressure points.

Why You Should Buy?

It is made in the USA mattress and is suitable for customers who are not ready to dive into a full foam mattress but are looking for comparable comfort. Attractive prices for price-conscious customers.

Cons You Should Know

Some people find memory foam to be insufficiently supportive, as few previous customers are unhappy and find it a bit firm.

GhostBed 11″ Memory Foam Mattress

We’d like to share our initial comments and thoughts on our GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress Review. It is a very well made 11″ full foam mattress and I would recommend something more with the GhostBed adjustable bed frame.

If price is a deal breaker, Costco wins hands down. Additional discounts are offered from time to time, making this an attractive option.

Why You Should Buy?

It is recommended for someone who wants the comfort of memory foam but hates the hotbed. It has a 2” cooling gel memory foam layer to prevent heat build-up. On top is 1.5” latex foam to further enhance the cooling effect.

Cons You Should Know

Not recommended for someone looking for a softer bed. It is medium to slightly firm.

When we dug deep to understand the attractive and even better prices than the GhostBed website, we found that the trial period was shorter and can be counterproductive in the event that your body takes some time to adjust to a new mattress.

Beautyrest Silver

Serta Simmons’ Beautyrest Silver is an affordable mid-range 12-inch hybrid innerspring mattress. It is generally available under $600. The mattress is equipped with a solid 8″ Beautyrest® Pocketed Coils® 900 series. It has four layers of foam and together with coils it provides a medium firm feel.

It uses DualCool technology to keep heat and humidity at bay. The box spring is available at an additional cost.

Why You Should Buy?

Ideal for those looking for a medium firm hybrid mattress at a lower price.

Cons You Should Know

Some customers may still find it a bit firm even after the trial period. It only has a 10-year warranty, which is lower than comparable products. The seams may not inspire confidence in durability.

Casper Select

Casper Select is one of our top picks if you’re planning on purchasing a Costco mattress. It is a members-only product and if you visit the Costco website, the price will not be visible until you log in.

The Casper Select mattress is designed for Costco customers, making it more affordable than Casper Original. Sold exclusively at Costco only.

It’s very close to Casper Original’s appearance, but not relabeled as “Select”. The quality of the mattress and the firmness is different. It is a cheaper version of “Original”.

It is a 12” mattress with 4 layers of premium foam with support divided into zones that help relieve pressure.

Why You Should Buy?

Customers who have used or liked Casper products, and specifically Casper Original. The selection will help you save a few hundred dollars.

Cons You Should Know

The only Casper product is available to purchase. Not having an option to compare with other Casper mattresses is a smart decision by the company, but as a customer, the best mattress can be within a few hundred dollars.

To sum up the most notable differences in a few words: Select lacks a removable cover and does not have AirScape™ foam.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying at Costco

Costco is well known and extremely affordable which in turn leads many people to buy mattresses from Costco.

We think it would be helpful to give you a little guide to what you need to know before buying a mattress from this brick-and-mortar store.

The first thing to keep in mind is that mattress prices at Costco vary wildly. Therefore, one mattress may cost $300 while another may cost $2000.

Mattresses alone can cost an arm and a leg.

That’s why you can find many old mattresses at Costco at a much lower price than the mattresses sold directly by the manufacturer.

If you signed up for a Costco membership, you pay less and don’t have to pay a premium.

The second thing to consider is the warranties Costco offers. The guarantees offered are limited in nature. Cashing in on that is complicated.

Costco and the merchants will determine the terms and conditions under which the warranty may be exercised. Therefore, not all damages and sags are covered by Costco’s warranty.

Next, let’s take a look at how the delivery and shipping system at Costco works. First of all, shipping above $75 is usually free (within the United States). However, if your order is less than $75, you will have to pay a fee. As for delivery, Costco offers white glove delivery for larger mattresses like King or California King beds.

This delivery service not only delivers the mattress to your home, but also brings it in and unpacks it. You can even take advantage of next day service if you have a Costco membership.

However, the downside is that if you don’t have it, it can take several days or even weeks to get it.

Returns at Costco are also another facet of the experience worth mentioning. If you have a Costco membership, you can return a mattress even six months after you bought it.

You even have the option to return it directly to the manufacturer. However, this option is not available for all mattresses.

If you are not a member, you can still return your mattress. Costco has a “member satisfaction policy.” Below you can request a return with a receipt.

Costco Membership: Costco offers Gold Star and Gold Star Executive membership.

The Gold Star costs $60 per year and the other $120 per year. If you purchase the Gold Star Executive membership, you will enjoy additional benefits.

Tip, you can choose from a more extensive list of mattresses.

The Pros & Cons of Buying Mattress at Costco

There are many advantages to buying a Costco mattress compared to buying elsewhere. However, as we will see, in some cases it can be more economical to buy from an online store.

But first, let’s take a look at the benefits of shopping at Costco:

  1. Costco stores have a presence all over the country, especially in the US and Canada. Therefore, you can buy a mattress directly in your place of residence. You don’t have to drive miles to buy the mattress you had in mind.
  2. Buying in a physical store is a different experience than buying something online. You can walk down the aisle and check out the different products; you can also feel your purchase before taking it home. You can also get free samples here.
  3. Costco also has a variety of mattresses in its store. Also, all these mattresses are from recognized brands such as Casper and Tempur Pedic etc.
  4. Costco offers white glove delivery. However, this option is not available for all mattresses. This delivery service also delivers and unpacks the mattress you ordered and prepares it.
  5. If you are a member of the Costco organization, you can take advantage of multiple discounts and offers. The offers that will be available to you will be much more lucrative than the offers that are available online.
  6. You will also find more affordable options at Costco. So if you don’t have $3,000 to spend on a mattress, you can easily find a cheaper, quality mattress at Costco.

However, the disadvantages of buying a mattress from the store outweigh the many advantages of doing the same.

  1. Always note the date of manufacture and the model you are purchasing. Sometimes the latest models are not available in the store and they are interested in clearing the existing stock.
  2. You can get a shorter trial period. Manufacturers generally offer a sleep trial of 100 days or more. However, you may not have that same period if you buy from a retailer.
  3. The warranties offered at Costco are a bit complicated, as they come with some additional terms.Therefore, the warranties given may not cover a wide variety of damages and sagging. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer before going to the store.
  4. The Costco online store can cause a phenomenon called analysis paralysis. That is, you may have too many options that can confuse the customer.
  5. Unfortunately, many of the organic, eco-friendly, and natural mattresses are not available at the Costco store. Today, most of us are moving towards a more sustainable form of consumerism.
  6. You may only be able to access some brands if you are a member of this store. Casper, an extremely popular brand, is not available to non-Costco members.
  7. The shopping experience can be inconsistent, as with any leading human experience. That is why you sometimes find employees who can help you well and at other times you find people who lack knowledge and patience.
  8. Employees can pressure you to buy a mattress you don’t need. They can point you to a mattress so they can get a better commission.
  9. Some products are specifically designed with the kinds of deals in mind that customers expect at Costco. For example, the Casper Select mattress is only available at Costco and is not sold anywhere else, including on the Casper website.

In general, buying a mattress from a brick and mortar store may not be the best idea. However, this is not to say that online shopping has no drawbacks. You will not be able to “feel” your mattress immediately.

You also don’t have a salesperson on your side ready to answer all your questions. Another major drawback of online shopping is that you may not find authentic reviewers.

That said, we still recommend that you shop online. Direct-to-consumer sales help businesses provide better prices and customer benefits, as they tend to save money by eliminating heavy commissions to stores. You’ll find better returns, trials, and warranties online.

Not only is it more convenient, but it can also be cheaper to buy a mattress online because you don’t have to pay any overhead. You can also easily compare mattresses online.

That’s why Costco is an impressive store with a variety of options. But it’s important to understand that grocery shopping is different from buying expensive electronics or luxury items in a store.

We recommend that you look for your next mattress online for the benefits it offers.

Costco Mattress Alternatives & Price Advantage


1. GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress

  • 13 ″ Hybrid mattress.
  • Medium size.
  • CertiPUR-US certification.
  • 101 night trial and 25 year warranty.

Ghostbed Flex is the latest innovation from GHOSTBED. The mattress is great and has six different layers that guarantee a deep sleep.

There is a cooling layer that makes the bed feel cooler. This makes sleeping very pleasant and improves comfort. The GhostBed Flex is a hybrid mattress that focuses not only on comfort but also on support.

The bed uses multiple layers of memory foam to comfort and sculpt your body. In addition, it has 8.5 inch coils as a middle layer, which adds to the support capabilities of this bed.

The bed emphasizes comfort because it certainly feels comfortable and relaxed, but it also attaches importance to support. With both features, the bed is designed for all types of sleepers.

The GhostBed Flex is a hybrid mattress that allows it to be better adapted to the different needs of sleeping people. It combines several properties of the mattresses with support and memory foam to make a more useful, higher quality product.


Buying this mattress has many advantages. Most importantly, shipping at Costco is not free. FedEx charges apply if you shop at Costco.

However, if you choose to buy from Ghostbed, you can get free shipping and delivery.

In addition, the mattress also has a 25-year warranty which may not apply at Costco. However, the Ghostbed mattresses that come with Costco can be cheaper some days.

2. Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress

  • 13 ″ Hybrid mattress.
  • Medium sized company
  • Made in the USA and certified CertiPUR-USA. USA
  • 10 year warranty

The Nest Bedding Hybrid mattress has many unique benefits. The designers of this mattress had sustainability in mind when building this mattress.

This was made clear by the presence of a zipper that allows sleepers to change the touch layer every six months.

Also, the mattress (King and California King size only) is internally divided. Therefore, the degree of firmness on each side of the mattress is different.

One side can be plush (soft) and the other side firm/medium firm. The construction of the Hybrid also provides a cool sleep in which the sleeper feels comfortable and supported.

The mattress is made of TitanChill Endurance Foam® which provides support to the consumer while sleeping at night.


The Nest Alexander Hybrid comes with a lifetime warranty. Nest’s warranty policy covers a lot of damage and sagging. We recommend that you consult the Nest warranty for more information about what exactly the warranty covers.

Unlike Costco, shipping is free and a 100-night trial is also offered.

As we’ve seen before, Costco may or may not allow you to take advantage of this trial, while buying directly from the Nest website makes it easy to take advantage of this benefit.

3. PlushBeds Ocean Mist

  • 9″ cooling memory foam mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard certification.
  • 25 year warranty.

The PlushBeds Ocean Mist mattress is known for its cooling properties. It has been announced that the gel infusion technology dissipates heat three times faster than its competitors.

It regulates the sleeper’s environment not only by absorbing the heat emitted from the body, but also by absorbing moisture and sweat from the sleeper.

This memory foam mattress is also known to relieve pressure and also adapt to the body shape of the sleeper. Provides support to the sleeper and allows spinal alignment.

This mattress is also hypoallergenic and does not allow gas to escape. It is odorless and will not release volatile organic compounds into the bloodstream for years.

Ocean Mist is also GreenGuard Gold certified and comes with a 25 year warranty. Leading the memory foam industry regarding warranty period.


You cannot find luxury beds if you search for them in the Costco online store. This is a bed that is often on our recommendation list because of its unique features.

In addition, you can also benefit from the 25-year warranty and you can also benefit from the 100-day sleep test if you buy directly online from the manufacturer.

In addition, this mattress has built up a satisfied customer base and is cheaper than many mattresses available at Costco.

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