Best Bamboo Mattress


Best Bamboo Mattress

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Are bamboo mattresses the latest trend among buyers?

Let’s find out.

More and more people are prone to various types of allergies. The best option for sleeping is a bamboo mattress.

Many mattress makers are advertising their mattresses as bamboo mattresses.

The lack of knowledge among people attracts them to buy bamboo mattresses with the negligible benefits of a bamboo mattress.

Which brings us to the main question.

What is a True Bamboo Mattress?

A real bamboo mattress is made of bamboo fiber and bamboo material along with other materials such as memory foam.

Many mattresses are labeled as bamboo mattresses, although they only use bamboo material in the cover or are equipped with a bamboo mattress protector.

There is also no such thing as a 100% bamboo mattress. It’s a myth. As mentioned above, a bamboo mattress is always a combination of bamboo with other materials.

List of Best Bamboo Mattresses Worth Buying in 2021

Cariloha Luxury Bamboo Mattress

  • 10 ″ foam mattress.
  • Use bamboo fleece viscose.
  • Breathable and cool.
  • Medium size.
  • Sample of 100 nights.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • CertiPUR-US certification.
  • Free classic sheets.

Founded in 2007, Cariloha is synonymous with bamboo and eco-friendly bedding products.

The Cariloha bamboo mattress is one of the most comfortable beds we reviewed for this article. The mattress has a three-layer foam design. Each layer with one goal in mind.

The top layer is Bamboo Comfort™ memory foam. Hypoallergenic foam infused with bamboo charcoal makes it easy to breathe. It mixes with premium memory foam for an unparalleled comfort mattress.

The second layer is a standard 3 memory foam that helps relieve pressure and increases your comfort. It adapts to the shape of the body and provides a good contour.

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Mattress Pressure Map

The base of the bamboo mattress is a Flex-Flow™ double density base foam. It has a unique design that promotes airflow and keeps your body cool.

The mattress has a lateral wedge support that gives you good edge support. Stabilizes the mattress and gives you more surface to sleep on.

Unpacking mattresses

Editor’s Note: Complimentary sheets apply to queen sizes and up if no coupon is applied at checkout.

What We Like

  • Mattress with good breathability and remarkable cooling effect.
  • Provides pressure relief.
  • Comfortable

LUCID Bamboo Mattress with Charcoal & Gel Memory Foam [2020 Model]

  • 14 ″ foam mattress.
  • Infused with bamboo charcoal.
  • Medium size.
  • CertiPUR US certification.
  • 10 year warranty.

The Lucid 14 Gel Memory Foam Mattress is one of the affordable bamboo mattresses released in 2020. It is ideal for all sleeping positions.

The mattress has three types of foam layers. The top layer is a 2 gel memory foam layer to keep you cool all night. Gel increases circulation and maintains body temperature.

The second layer is a 2 bamboo charcoal memory foam layer. Both layers work together to form a conforming layer. Bamboo charcoal eliminates odor, regulates humidity and temperature by absorbing moisture.

The 9″ supportive foam base helps to properly align the spine and provides support to the body.

The mattress cover is a TENCEL™ lyocell blend. It is ecological, breathable and soft to the touch.

As an option, the Lucid also has a plush model. It comes with a 7 bamboo charcoal foam instead of a 9 foam.

What We Like:

  • High-quality bamboo mattress at an affordable price.
  • Compatible with adjustable base and other bed foundations.
  • Available in the plush model.

EASELAND – Best Bamboo Pillow Top Mattress

  • 12 ″ pillow top bamboo mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic bamboo fabric.
  • Medium size.
  • CertiPUR certification USA
  • 10 year warranty.

Easeland is a 12″ cool gel memory foam hybrid mattress with a pillowtop. The top of the cushion is made of bamboo which is ideal for sensitive skin with the added benefit of breathability.

Gel foam and bamboo fabric expel the body and keep it cool. The hybrid mattress has an internal coil spring that provides excellent body support. Provides contour that promotes spinal alignment.

Due to the smart design, the mattress is good at isolating movement. The coils are sandwiched between high-density foams to reduce movement disturbance. The coils are also useful for even weight distribution.

What We Like:

  • The mattress gives a feeling of space and light.
  • Good edge support.
  • Quality bamboo mattress for under $500.

BedStory Bamboo Charcoal Infused Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Bed Story is a CertiPUR-US certified gel foam mattress infused with bamboo charcoal. It is a high-density memory foam with a cooling effect.

Bamboo charcoal absorbs moisture for coolness at night. Viscous memory foam fits well and relieves pressure points.

It has a medium plush feel and you can place the mattress on any bed platform, including an adjustable bottom.

The mattress uses anti-microbial material and is free from harmful heavy metals.

The mattress ensures a relaxed sleep without pain or numbness.

What We Like:

  • Cheap bamboo mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic materials.

Acesleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Charcoal

  • 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Medium-soft / medium-firm.
  • Flame retardant top layer.
  • CertiPUR-US certification.
  • 120 days free returns.
  • 20 year warranty.

Acesleep stood out in our review period for its unique construction. It has a 2.5 gel memory foam layer which has an open cell structure for better ventilation.

The bamboo charcoal memory foam layer is 2 thick. Together with another 1.5 gel memory layer, it provides a cool, breathable surface and support.

Envelops the body and provides relief from pressure points. The bamboo charcoal removes odors and the memory foam gel helps keep you cool.

The mattress base has 6 high density foams that support and provide support to the mattress. The Acesleep uses 4 layers of premium quality foam with a thin, non-fiberglass flame retardant layer.

The mattress cover is fresh and OEKO-TEX certified.

What We Like:

  • Ecological mattress.
  • The open cell gel memory foam contributes to the cooling effect.

Warm Harbor Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress

  • 12 ″ foam mattress.
  • All sleeping positions.
  • Medium size.
  • Removable cover.
  • CertiPUR-US certification.
  • 10 year warranty

Warm Harbor is one of the heaviest mattresses we’ve reviewed among bamboo mattresses. It will not slide easily on a bed frame.

It has a premium 2 airy memory foam and a 2 bamboo charcoal memory foam. Both layers help keep the body cool throughout the night. Bamboo charcoal regulates humidity and odor.

The mattress base is 6 high density foam. The mattress offers sufficient support for all types of sleepers. Contours the curves of the body and relieves pressure points.

What We Like:

  • Durable bamboo mattress.
  • Medium firm with good contours.

Features of a Good Bamboo Mattresses

Mattress Construction:

Bamboo mattresses are usually available in foam or hybrid construction. They both adapt to different sleep needs.

The hybrid mattress consists of bamboo-charcoal infused memory foam and internal springs as the core of the mattress.

Likewise, the foam mattress has several foam layers. The mattress core has high density polyurethane foam and the top layer has bamboo fiber with infused gel memory foam.

Choose a mattress based on your sleeping position and the firmness you need. Stomach sleepers are more comfortable on a firmer bed and prefer a hybrid mattress with internal springs.


Choose a bamboo mattress that supports and aligns your spine. Choose a mattress that uses certified foam and offers ergonomic support.

The thickness of the mattress and memory foam play an important role in providing comfort. Memory foam should conform to the shape of your body.

You should rock the body for better relief from the pressure points. Bamboo mattresses are more comfortable because they use bamboo fibers that have the ability to absorb moisture and feel fresh.


The average use of a mattress varies from 6 to 8 hours per day. The role of a mattress in a good night’s sleep is vital.

Look for a good warranty and responsive customer support. Buy a mattress that uses high-density foam to make the mattress last longer.

A good quality bamboo mattress can easily last up to 8 years. The average warranty on a bamboo mattress is around 10 years.

Purchase a CertiPUR-US certified mattress for added safety in a hypoallergenic, chemical-free mattress.

Advantages Of Bamboo Mattresses


Bamboo mattresses are the best option for people who are prone to allergies. Resists the growth of mould, dust mites and bacteria.

The bamboo fiber is airy, which increases the breathability of the mattress and keeps it well ventilated.

Natural Materials:

In recent years, the use of synthetic and chemically manufactured materials has increased in the bedding industry.

They can mimic the look and feel of natural materials, but we cannot deny the harmful effects of such materials with prolonged use.

Bamboo is a viable option after natural latex for healthy, restful sleep. It is vegetable and has a natural cooling effect on the body.

Many people with sensitive skin prefer natural materials to avoid skin-related problems. Bamboo fiber is soft and skin-friendly.

Back Support and Pressure Relief:

Bamboo fiber is infused with memory foam for a cooling effect and effective at relieving pressure points. Contours the curves of the body and keeps it free from back pain.

Cooling Fiber:

The bamboo mattress is ideal for warm sleepers as it has a natural tendency to give it a cooling effect.

Many mattresses add charcoal and bamboo fiber to memory foam. It becomes an ideal combination to regulate body temperature.

Types of Bamboo Mattresses

Bamboo mattresses are mainly of two types.

  1. Bamboo gel memory foam mattresses.
  2. Bamboo charcoal memory foam mattresses.

Bamboo Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

It is a combination of bamboo with memory foam gel and forms the top layer of the mattress. The double combination of bamboo and memory foam gel provides a cool and effective sleeping experience.

Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattresses

This forms the comfort layer on the mattress where memory foam is infused with burnt bamboo charcoal. This ensures a cool, cool and odor-free sleeping surface.

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