Best California King Mattress

Best California King Mattress

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“Are you starting to feel restricted or cramped on your current bed? “

You may be taller than average or sleeping with a furry companion at the foot of the bed. The California king size mattress may be the best option if you want to stretch more, especially everywhere.

Sleeping on the right mattress can make a big difference to your health and well-being. A good night’s sleep is one of the most important building blocks for a healthy life, besides of course a balanced diet, exercise, etc. One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep is to have a comfortable mattress.

Switching to a larger mattress can be interesting, but it can also be overwhelming and confusing. In this guide, we take a look at our favorite Cal King mattresses and who we think are better than a king size mattress.

Quick List of Top California King Mattresses 

1. Editor’s Pick: PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Mattress 

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress is made in the USA. Using the finest quality GOLS Certified Organic Latex, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and GOTS Certified Pure Wool, this mattress ranks high on the expert recommendation list in orthopedics and chiropractors. The unique thing is that you can rearrange the latex layers at home so that each side of the bed can be adjusted to the desired firmness.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss beds are available in two firmnesses, namely medium and firm, suitable for different body types. These options translate into “medium” (6) and “firm” (7) sensations respectively in our firmness range.

  • You can choose Medium if you weigh less than 130 pounds, regardless of your preferred sleeping position.
  • You can choose firm if you weigh more than 130 pounds and sleep on your stomach or on your back.

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Medium Firm Mattress is best for side sleepers up to 230 lbs.

What we like 

  • There are no dangerous chemicals in mattresses and they are naturally immune to allergens.
  • This Botanical Bliss from Plushbeds has been specially designed to be synthetically glue-free, with a robust zipper system, so you can adjust the firmness or softness of the mattress from the comfort of your home.
  • With a 100-night sleep test and a generous 25-year warranty, it’s a durable mattress and a great buy.

What we don’t like 

  • Botanical Bliss mattresses are bulky and some people find it difficult to move.
  • Heavier sleepers may find that the mattress lacks support due to its firmness.

2. GhostBed 3D Matrix Mattress

If you are tired of waking up drenched in sweat, the GhostBed 3D Matrix mattress is the best option for you. It works wonders for a warm sleeper to keep his body cool all night. GhostBed 3D Matrix Hybrid is the best sleep update you’ve been waiting for.

This perfect mattress contains a comfort layer that simultaneously adapts to the shape and temperature of your body, so that you and your partner sleep in an ideal environment. In addition to evenly distributing your weight, the polymer gel layer absorbs excess body heat overnight.

GhostBed offers a 101-night sleep test and a 25-year warranty, both of which are far superior to the industry standard warranties.

With seven comfort layers, this mattress will keep you cool and provide plenty of restful sleep to wake you up refreshed. A patented pressure relief system combined with cooling technology in GhostBed’s latest hybrid mattress, 3D Matrix.

It is best for those with back pain because they can feel the top foam layers fill the space in the lower back to take some pressure off. It also offers a lot of cushioning around pressure points, so side sleepers should also feel comfortable in this bed.

What we like 

  • The freshness of the mattress is a great advantage for warm sleepers.
  • This bed offers a soft feeling for side sleepers and provides relaxation for the whole body.

What we don’t like

  • The softer feel of this mattress may affect durability for those who sleep longer.
  • Some customers may find the GhostBed cover a bit slippery. In some cases it was difficult to keep the fitted sheets on the mattress. We recommend adding a mattress protector to the bed to get some extra grip if you run into this problem.

3. Leesa Legend Mattress

The Leesa Legend uses several innovative design elements to set it apart from other hybrid mattresses available on the market.

Various materials have been used to make the Leesa Legend case that make it elastic, breathable and flexible.

It’s also worth noting that Leesa goes to great lengths for a clean environment. Each bed removes dozens of plastic bottles from the environment, making it a great selling point for environmentally conscious shoppers.

There are many layers of comfort in the Leesa Legend mattress. Polyfoam forms the top layer, which has a smooth shape and an airy structure that promotes airflow. The second layer is memory foam that provides comfort and isolates movement.

The next layer of the comfort system uses one of the new materials from Leesa Legend. The layer is 1.5 inches thick and consists of micro coils and polyethylene foam. By providing specific pressure relief for the hips and shoulders and reducing motion transfer, this product provides the most advanced support and durability available.

The fourth layer of the comfort system is an inch of transitional styrofoam that minimizes pressure on the supportive core.

The bottom layer of the support core is an inch of high-density Styrofoam that helps maintain stability and potentially reduce noise from coil movement.

Because all these layers work together, it offers extra support for a heavy person. For overweight couples, we recommend Leesa Legend. In addition, Lessa Legend mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that covers all manufacturing and material defects.

What we like

  • It has a beautiful and durable super soft cover to help you maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature no matter the weather.
  • A Leesa Legend mattress provides edge-to-edge support and specific comfort for the hips and shoulders with its hybrid double pocket springs.

What we don’t like 

  • Since it is a luxury mattress, budget buyers may want to look elsewhere.
  • As with most California King mattresses, they can be difficult to lift and move.

4. Tuft & Needle Original Mattress

The Tuft & Needle Original mattress is made with T&N adaptive foam technology, which adapts and bounces to support the body. The foam helps prevent deep body impressions and absorbs heat and precipitation for a deep and restful night’s sleep. It is a great choice for people who sleep on their backs. In addition, the mattress has antimicrobial protection to prevent bacteria from damaging the mattress.

In addition to the breathable knitted mattress cover, T&N also offers the option of adding HeiQNPJ03, which helps to prevent mattress odor caused by bacteria.

This mattress has a comfort layer known as adaptive foam. It is soft, responsive and contains ceramic and graphite gel infusions that dissipate heat and prevent overheating overnight.

Who we like

  • We couldn’t find a single option in our reviews that could compete with it as California’s best mattress under $1,000.
  • The foam top layer is also impregnated with graphite, making it wonderfully cool to sleep in. This mattress has excellent thermoregulatory properties, making it ideal for warm sleepers.

What we don’t like

  • Those who sleep on their stomachs can suffer from sagging in the midsection, making it difficult to align the spine.
  • Tuft & Needle scores are average for sleepers who like memory foam.
  • If you often sit on the edge of the bed, you may want a model that offers more support on the edge.

5. Puffy Original Mattress

Puffy is designed with the ability to work with any frame or surface. Think of bed bases, flat frames, slatted bases or adjustable frames. You can also buy a puffy bed frame or a puffy adjustable bottom to save money on your puffy mattress.

Designed with an innovative five-layer sleeping system, it offers a perfect balance of cooling, comfort and support. Some of the key features of the Puffy include a stain resistant cloud cover, cooling CloudFoam™, climate comfort foam, a firm core support and a grippy base cover.

By using a hypoallergenic cover, you will help protect your mattress and prevent dust mites, dust and other allergens from getting into it and causing irritation.

Puffy’s cooling gel memory foam cloud layer also helps regulate body temperature. It feels cool to the touch and does not absorb heat, so you can sleep unobstructed.

What we like

  • Provides a good balance of support and pressure relief, especially for those who sleep on their backs.
    If you suffer from pressure pain and enjoy the feeling of memory foam, then you can enjoy Puffy. It is specially designed to relieve pain around pressure points.
  • The Puffy is one of the best King memory foam mattresses in California. It combines a stain resistant cover with cushioning and support suitable for lighter bodies in all sleeping positions.
  • Inflated mattresses have a lifetime warranty. Provided all Puffy warranty conditions are met, Puffy will repair or replace the mattress free of charge if a defect occurs at any time.

What we don’t like 

  • Those who sleep the most don’t get the support they need with the Puffy. They may need a firmer mattress.
  • For those who sleep on their stomachs, the puffy may be too soft to support their hips.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider While Buying a California King Mattress

Different people need different qualities of a mattress based on their preferences, sleeping positions, budgets and body weight. The following factors determine how a mattress feels to you, how long it will last, how well it supports your body at night, and more.


Wondering if a Cal King mattress costs more because of its somewhat unusual shape? Not really. They are usually the same price as a king size mattress or are slightly more expensive.

In comparison, a Cal King is noticeably more expensive than a queen-size mattress if you’re considering budgeting for the queen-size mattress. An average California king size mattress from an online boxed bed dealer typically ranges from $1,200 to $2,000, before discounts.

From what we’ve seen, the in-store prices are a little higher than online and have fewer options, but not so much that it discourages you from searching.

Sleeping Position 

For a good mattress it is important to provide the right amount of sag while keeping the spine in proper alignment. That is why it is important for buyers to choose the firmness of the mattress according to their sleeping position.

  • Back sleepers:  These types of sleepers should choose firmer mattresses that provide adequate lumbar support. People who sleep on their backs should have a sense of medium firmness that falls between these two extremes. For these sleepers, a hybrid mattress with layers of foam and coils is best.
  • Side Sleepers : Side sleepers need pressure relief on the shoulders and hips. They need a mattress with enough flexibility to prevent pressure points from developing on the shoulders and hips. For this reason, side sleepers will likely benefit from coiled spring or hybrid mattresses combined with pillowcases or quilted covers.
  • Stomach Sleepers:  Like side sleepers, stomach sleepers need a firm mattress that raises the hips in line with the shoulders. The biggest problem for these sleepers is a soft mattress that causes their hips to sag out of the spine, so they’ll want to consider mattresses that are slightly firm for better lumbar support.

Mattress Type 

The materials that make up the different layers of a mattress determine the type. The type of bed you choose will affect your overall sleep support and comfort.

Here are 4 of the most common mattress types based on material:

1. Memory Foam

You will sleep completely weightless on a memory foam mattress thanks to its exceptional comfort and contours. The special properties of this foam allow sore muscles to rest and heal effortlessly, unlike most mattress materials. These beds are extremely helpful for anyone who sleeps, including those with back pain, as they can find a more comfortable position at night.

 2. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses have the contours of memory foam with the spring-back of a spring bed. The comfort layer consists of 2 to 3 inches of foam, either memory foam or latex foam. Hybrid mattresses have a base layer of steel coils wrapped around it. They are usually balanced: softer on the hips and shoulders, but firmer on the neck and back.

 3. Innerspring

Like hybrid mattresses, innerspring mattresses have steel coils under the cover. Spring mattresses have a lot of airflow and maintain a neutral temperature at night. Unlike a foam mattress or hybrid mattress, an innerspring mattress will not retain heat the way a foam mattress would. Finding a well-built innerspring mattress from a reputable manufacturer can be a task.

 4. Latex

Latex foam has a level of support comparable to memory foam. But the elasticity of latex forms a cushion with a little more bounce. While this foam doesn’t provide the deep compression that memory foam does, those who like to feel higher up on the mattress may prefer a latex bed.

Room Space  

It is important to analyze how much space is left around the bed and make sure that the bed itself does not cover the entire room. To make sure you have plenty of room on both sides, it’s recommended to leave 25 to 30 inches.

You should also leave a space of at least 5 cm between the bed and the bedside table to separate the furniture.

In addition to buying a perfect California King bed, you need to think about how you are going to bring it to your bedroom. Mattresses of such a width can not always go down a small staircase. They are also often quite heavy, so you may want to enlist the help of a few friends. If that’s not possible, consider getting a Split California King mattress instead.

Why Do You Need a California King Mattress?

Before we discuss why you need a California king-size mattress, let’s take a look at who needs a California king-size mattress. California king size mattresses may be the answer to your problems if:

  1. You or your companion are more than six feet tall. California kings are 4 inches longer than standard kings, making them a good choice for tall people. With those extra inches, you can spread out without your feet dangling from the bed.
  2. Your pet sleeps in your bed. Plus, California king size mattresses provide convenient sleeping space for you and your pets.

Pros and Cons of California King Bed

This type of bed is not as common and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A California king size mattress has several advantages.


These mattresses:

  • Fits well in a large bedroom
  • Provide more legroom for taller sleepers
  • Provide more space for couples to separate
  • Create a more rewarding sleeping experience


However, they have some drawbacks.

  • Accessories such as bed frames, sheets, and bedding can be hard to find.
  • Due to the weight, moving this type of mattress can be challenging and may not fit all doors.
  • Standard sized rooms may not be enough to fit comfortably.

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