Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers

Because of the advantageous combination of pressure relief and support that hybrid mattresses provide, they are frequently selected by side sleepers. Hybrid mattresses have foam layers that contour to your body and a coil layer that supports your spine and other joints. The alignment of your spine and the elimination of pressure points are both possible results of this. In this article, we will explore “Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers”, and why it’s great for side sleepers.

Why Choose a Hybrid Mattress?

In recent years, hybrid mattresses have become increasingly popular due to their ability to successfully mix elements often found in separate beds. Comfort layers of memory foam, latex, or any other substance are often added to a mattress with a sturdy innerspring core to create a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses are great for side sleepers because they strike the ideal mix between support and comfort.

Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers especially benefit greatly from the pressure point relief offered by hybrid mattresses. The soft top layer molds to your body, relieving stress in key areas like the hips and shoulders.

Spine Support The innerspring core of a hybrid mattress will give you the support you need. By doing so, you can rest easy knowing that your body will stay in its ideal position all night long.

The longevity of hybrid mattresses is well-known. Longer durability than conventional innerspring or foam mattresses is a common benefit of hybrid mattresses that combine strong coils with premium comfort components.

Many contemporary hybrid mattresses have temperature-regulating cooling technology built right in. This ensures that those who sleep on their sides don’t get too hot while they’re sleeping.

Having proven that hybrid mattresses are fantastic for side sleepers, we can move on to investigating the greatest models currently on the market.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers

Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic Mattress is a hybrid model that blends premium comfort with environmentally friendly components. It is constructed with a layer of microcoils for enhanced contouring on top of a layer of individually wrapped coils for support. A layer of organic cotton and memory foam form the Euro pillow-top that sits atop these coils.

Why it’s great for side sleepers:

  • The numerous coils and memory foam layers in this mattress provide remarkable contouring, following the shape of the sleeper’s body and dispersing pressure areas.
  • The Saatva Classic is a long-lasting investment for side sleepers because to its sturdy structure.
  • Flexibility in firmness: pick the level of support that’s just right for you from plush soft, luxury firm, or firm.

Helix Midnight Luxe

Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers

The Helix Midnight Luxe is one of several hybrid mattresses offered by Helix; it was created with side sleepers in mind. Memory foam, polyfoam, and pocketed coils work together to make this mattress soft and supportive.

Why it’s great for side sleepers:

  • The Helix Midnight Luxe is built to provide optimal support in specific areas of the body, with softer foam in the shoulder area for increased pressure relief and firmer foam in the hip area.
  • With its breathable cover and gel-infused memory foam, this mattress is perfect for hot sleepers who prefer to sleep on their sides.
  • Customized options: Helix provides a sleep questionnaire to help choose the optimal mattress for each individual customer.

Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Hybrid

The Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Hybrid is an updated take on their popular memory foam mattress, with the added support of pocketed coils for maximum comfort and spinal alignment. In addition to its other cooling and antibacterial functions, it has a memory foam layer infused with copper.

Why it’s great for side sleepers:

  • The memory foam shapes to your body, reducing stress on sensitive areas like shoulders and hips.
  • Copper infusion: The memory foam with copper in it helps keep you from getting too hot as you sleep.
  • Benefit from Nectar’s 365-night risk-free sleep trial to determine whether or not the mattress is a good fit for your side sleeping preferences.

Purple Hybrid Premier

  • Purple’s Purple Hybrid Premier mattress combines its innovative Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid with pocketed coils for a unique sleeping experience.
  • For side sleepers, the Purple Grid offers excellent support and pressure relief, making it a compelling choice.
  • This combination of materials in the Purple Hybrid Premier promises a one-of-a-kind night’s sleep.

Why it’s great for side sleepers:

  • The Purple Grid is a pressure-relieving mattress grid that contours to your body when you sleep on your side.
  • The grid pattern on the design allows air to flow through, keeping you cool and dry at night.
  • The Purple Hybrid Premier is a long-term investment because of its sturdy build and 10-year warranty.

Casper Wave Hybrid

The Casper Wave Hybrid is the best hybrid mattress produced by the widely recognized Casper company. Memory foam, latex foam, and pocketed coils work together to make this a supportive and comfortable mattress.

Why it’s great for side sleepers:

  • If you sleep on your side, you can rest assured that your spine will be in the correct alignment. Thanks to the Casper Wave Hybrid’s zoned construction and targeted support for different sections of your body.
  • Casper is a sustainable option because they employ eco-friendly components in their mattress manufacture.


Getting the restorative sleep your body and mind need begins with choosing the right mattress. For side sleepers, the ideal mattress offers pressure relief, strong support, and durability.

When shopping for a hybrid mattress for side sleeping, consider factors like preferred firmness, temperature regulation, and targeted support.

If you’ve been struggling with sleep as a side sleeper, investing in a hybrid mattress could be a worthwhile solution. I hope you like reading ‘Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers.’

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