Best Adjustable Bed Mattress in 2021

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Adjustable beds have become very popular in recent years. Demand for it in hospitals is expected to reach $5.2 billion by 2027. And they are not limited to hospitals, but are quickly becoming part of our homes.

The versatility and adaptability of these beds have attracted the attention of many customers looking for a new bed.

This is due to the ease of use and comfort of these beds in combination with the right mattress. However, this is the tricky part.

Choosing a suitable mattress for an adjustable bed is not so easy. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best adjustable bed mattresses to use with your best adjustable base.

We’ve also included a guide to buying a mattress for an adjustable bed frame.

Reviews of Top 5 Adjustable Mattresses in 2021 

Nectar Mattress

  • It is a full 11” memory foam mattress with an average firmness.
  • Recommended for people who suffer from back pain and arthritis.
  • They have an industry leading “forever” warranty period of 10 years.
  • This mattress works exceptionally well to inhibit the transfer of motion.

The Nectar mattress is an industry favorite memory foam mattress, best suited for an adjustable bed frame. The mattress is composed of 5 layers and has a very soft and comfortable Tencel cover.

The adjustable base is also a customer favorite as it allows airflow to be directed towards the mattress. The mattress also gives you a “sag” feeling, without compromising the fit or comfort of the spine.

Provides fairly strong edge support. Due to the cooling gel-memory foam layer of the mattress, the mattress allows your sleepers to sleep cool and comfortable.

Nectar is designed for all types of sleepers, so it works best for combination, back, and side sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds.

In our recent research, the mattress has been helpful for people who wake up with a stiff back. The mattress is soft and comfortable and ensures a good night’s sleep.

The adjustable frame, the ease with which the mattress can be attached, the efficient customer service, everything stands for excellent quality.

Why you should buy it?

We recommend purchasing this mattress specifically if it weighs less than 230-250 pounds. It is also helpful if you suffer from back pain or arthritis.

This simple and inexpensive mattress will help you sleep fresh and also help you sleep well thanks to its minimalistic motion transfer.

Its warranty and pricing policy make this mattress a real “bargain” for its quality, which guarantees comfort and a good night’s sleep with minimal risk.

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress – Best Adjustable Mattress for Couples

  • 12” full foam mattress with a balanced foam feel.
  • Medium size.
  • The Bio-Pur foam layer.
  • Breathable cover.
  • Eco-friendly breathable 4-layer mattress.

Short Reviews 

This mattress is best known for its plant-based Bio-Pur layer, which makes this mattress not only environmentally friendly but also pressure-relieving, soft and comfortable.

This mattress is responsive and extremely breathable. It also offers decent edge support and is well suited to the needs of couples who have regular sex.

This mattress is also generally rated 4.5/5 when it comes to its durability, as it stays put, without sagging for a significant period of time.

The mattress is also highly appreciated for the contours it offers thanks to its hexagonal design, which is designed to provide greater support to the lightest parts of the body and to be softer on the heavier parts of our body.

The 100-day trial and 20-year warranty also attract multiple buyers. Customers have also stated that this bed is “comfortable” and provides them with a “restful sleep”.

Why you should buy it?

This mattress is a must if you are an environmentally conscious buyer looking for great value for money.

We also recommend this mattress if you sleep warmly and want a more breathable bed. The warranty period and durability also ensure that the purchase of this mattress is low risk.

Even if you are a heavy sleeper, this mattress will work well for you. And if you’re a light sleeper or sleeping with someone else, we recommend this mattress for couples.

Tuft and Needle Mattress

  • Affordable 10” thick mattress.
  • Good motion isolation.
  • Medium size.
  • Inflatable and responsive.

Short Reviews 

The Tuft and Needle mattress fits perfectly on the adjustable bases. It’s an affordable mattress with a 10-year warranty and a 100-day sleep test.

This mattress has a minimalistic motion transfer and has a very soft and breathable cover. Tuft and needle give your sleepers a balanced foam feel, which essentially means the center of the mattress is firm and the edges softer.

Therefore, the edge support is average. For more information, check out the full Tuft and Needle mattress review.

Many customers have enjoyed this mattress and found it to be extremely comfortable and enjoyable.

Why you should buy it?

The T&N mattress is designed for light and medium sleepers. It is also recommended for people who sleep on their backs.

Although some people who weigh more than 230 pounds may find a lack of support. In our research, previous customers have given overwhelmingly positive reviews. It has been found that 95% of sleepers keep their mattress even after a 100-day trial.

You should buy this mattress because it meets all your sleeping needs while being one of the most affordable foam mattresses on the market.

Spindle Latex Mattress

  • 25 cm thick latex mattress with organic cotton cover.
  • Cool mattress.
  • 365 days sleep test and 10 year warranty
  • Medium size.

Short Reviews 

The mattress is much loved by customers because of its latex material, which allows sleepers to move around and also sleep fresh.

A conscientious buyer also prefers this mattress because it relieves the back and pressure points while being environmentally friendly.

This mattress is designed for people of average weight and light. Those who weigh over 230 pounds and sleep on their stomachs or backs have found that this mattress is not right for them.

The comfort that the mattress offers and the flexibility in choice make this mattress popular and popular.

Why you should buy it?

There are a few reasons why you should buy this mattress. First of all, the mattress is environmentally friendly and covered with a natural flame-retardant material.

Second, because it’s a latex mattress, it keeps moisture away and helps you sleep fresh. The mattress also easily adapts to your hardness requirements.

Third, if you’re a light/medium combo sleeper, this mattress will allow you to sleep comfortably while keeping your spine aligned and supported.

Zoma Mattress

  • 11″ thick mattress per zone.
  • Support both your back and stomach sleepers.
  • Good for light to medium side and back sleepers.
  • Breathable cover.
  • Recommended for athletes.
  • This mattress moves slowly and has a slight bounce.

Short Review

Zoma is the new kid on the block, a promising mattress. But it has been praised by several athletes and fitness models for its pressure-relieving properties.

The Zoma mattress targets 8 pressure points with its triangular foam design. The sense of slow movement has also been complemented by those who like a mattress that takes a few microseconds to return to its original shape.

Customers have reported that this mattress works well for tall people and referred to how “soft” the mattress is. The mattress advertises itself as medium firm to the touch, which is why sleepers find this mattress comfortable and firm.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this mattress if you are looking for an excellent mattress to relieve pressure. It is a good option for people of light to medium weight who need regular pain relief.

The mattress costs less than $600 for a single bed, which may be a pinch for some customers.

You should also buy it if you have a combi bed and are looking for a sustainable purchase with a low risk. The 10-year warranty and 100-day sleep test make this mattress a viable option.

What is an Adjustable Bed? 

An adjustable bed is a bed that allows sleepers to adjust their bed to their specific needs. It is essentially a multi-hinged resting surface.

This bed frame was primarily intended for the elderly and those with chronic pain and mobility problems. However, due to its ability to provide sleeping options, this bed has become a popular choice among all types of people.

Pros and Cons of Sleeping on Adjustable Bed Mattress


The benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed frame are:

  • Helps improve circulation by lifting part of the sleeper’s body.
  • It can be used to relieve chronic pain problems.
  • Helps you read and watch TV comfortably at the touch of a button
  • This type of bed also reduces snoring. Lifting your partner’s head opens up your airways, making snoring less likely
  • This mattress is intended for all types of sleepers.
  • If you suffer from digestive issues, the alignments of this bed frame will help reduce them.


The disadvantages of sleeping on an adjustable bed frame are as follows:

  • They are more expensive than conventional bed frames; however, given the features of this bed frame, we think it’s worth it.
  • In a rare case of mechanical failure that could leave the mattress stuck in an uncomfortable position.
  • This bed, including the base, is quite heavy and difficult to install, so professional help may be needed to install it.

Types of Adjustable Mattresses

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses tend to conform to the shape and weight of the body. These mattresses offer phenomenal pressure point relief and springback for incredible comparability.

Conventional memory foam beds are known to keep you warm and to be the least eco-friendly option. They are also the slowest

To reduce heat build-up, researchers have injected traditional memory foam mattresses with a touch of gel, making the mattress cooler and more breathable.

Hybrid memory foam mattresses are great for adjustable beds because they are flexible and can be bent easily without damaging the mattress structure. This makes them the best adjustable mattress for adjustable beds, as they require a mattress that can be moved with the frame.


Latex mattresses are cooler than memory foam mattresses. Depending on the latex foam used, the mattress can be inflatable or compact. These mattresses also fit well to the sleeper’s body and are also more breathable.

The Dunlop technique is the first method of making latex. The sap from the tree is turned into foam, filled into a mold and then heated to a high temperature to make the gummy substance. This makes it completely strong and is preferred by sleepers who like a firm mattress.

The Talalay strategy makes bedding more breathable and slightly more resilient. The first step is similar to the Dunlop technique, but the mold is placed so that it does not reach the top. These mattresses are more breathable.

Like memory foam, latex mattresses also adapt to adjustable beds because of their flexibility. Although a relatively expensive mattress, these mattresses are best suited for customers looking for a refreshing mattress.

Innerspring Mattress

There are different types of innerspring mattresses; due to their construction, many may not be suitable for adjustable stands. The one that works well with an adjustable bed frame is the innerspring mattress with pocket springs.

Each coil is disconnected from the others and moved to separate boxes. This makes the mattress more flexible and allows you to change the alignment more easily.

Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress combines the properties of a memory foam layer and a mattress of internal springs. It gives you both the contour and pressure relief the former offers and the resilience the latter offers.

These mattresses are best suited for adjustable bed bases, but are a bit more expensive because they combine memory foam/latex with internal springs.

Air Mattress

An air mattress is only compatible with an adjustable bed base if it has multiple air chambers, making it flexible and easy to change.

When the mattress has only one air chamber, it is quite stiff and adjustment is almost impossible.

Even if you manage to place an air mattress on an adjustable bed frame, the number of angles you can place your mattress in is very limited.

Guide to Buying Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed

It’s hard to buy a comfortable, soft, adjustable mattress for an adjustable bed that meets all your sleeping needs.

If you are a frequent customer with no experience in the mattress industry, this quick guide may be helpful to you. Therefore, the following are 5 simple points to consider when buying an adjustable base mattress.

  1. The thickness and the flexibility of the mattress: The ideal mattress thickness is 10 to 14 centimeters long. If the mattress drops below 10 inches, the mattress will become too soft.
    A soft mattress means a lack of support or adjustment of the spine. A thicker mattress may be too firm and difficult to adjust and will fit on an adjustable bed base.
  2. Sleeping positions:   Not all mattresses are suitable for all sleeping positions. This is because depending on the position you sleep in, the places where pressure is applied to your body will be different.
  • The person who sleeps on their stomach faces pressure on the stomach and needs a mattress that is firmer in the center to ensure the alignment of the spine.
  • A person who sleeps on their back faces pressure on their back and therefore needs a medium firm mattress that would relieve the pressure from the right pressure points.
  • A side sleeper would feel pressure on his shoulders and hips and would also need adequate support.

      3. Size: Most mattresses that fit the adjustable bed frame are available in full, twin, twin XL, queen,                              california   king, and king versions. If the mattress you have is narrow or small or on the other end of the                  spectrum, the bed base may not be able to support it either.
       4. Sleep trials and Warranty:  Usually companies offer a 90-120 day sleep test. During this period you                    can test the mattress and see if it fits in the frame.
If a sleep test is not available, make sure you can take advantage of a discount as many mattresses do not                fit and therefore should always be tested before final purchase. In addition, the warranty (usually given 10                 years) should cover sagging and other manufacturing defects and should therefore be checked.
         5. Weight Considerations: Not all mattresses are suitable for all weights. Some mattresses are better for                 people with little weight, and others are better for people with a lot of weight.
Buying a mismatched mattress can cause pain and discomfort. That is why it is essential to do good                             research before purchasing an adjustable base mattress, taking into account the number on the scale.

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