How to Make Memory Foam Mattress Cooler

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Sweaty nights can destroy the comfort of any mattress. A memory foam mattress can be a tricky choice for hot sleepers. It comes with benefits that are hard to ignore, such as pressure relief and body contouring. There are ways to make a cooler bed and it can be a big help if you have a warm mattress.

Coming from the mattress industry, my friends have an FAQ on how to make a cooler memory foam mattress to avoid hot flashes.

A memory foam mattress has a normal tendency to retain body heat. It is recommended to purchase a memory foam mattress with a gel top layer. Absorbs and circulates body heat.

Another option is to buy a memory foam mattress with an open cell structure. We understand that buying a new mattress is an option, but someone looking to cool the bed may be interested in using the existing mattress instead of buying a new one.

There are countless ways to cool your old memory foam mattress. The core idea is to make the top layers breathable. Let’s look at different ways to make a cooler bed.

Cooling Sheets:

Someone who sleeps warm should invest in good cooling sheets for a memory foam mattress. The sheets to avoid are silk and polyester. Anything that feels shiny and silky should be avoided.

Check the number of threads in the blade. The sheets with the highest thread count are silky, smooth and do not allow temperature regulation. The best bet in terms of thread count is 180-350.

Buy good cotton sheets such as Egyptian cotton or linen.

Cooling Pillow:

It may seem like kissing doesn’t contribute to hot flashes, but they do play a vital role. People often complain about a sweaty head at night. A warmer head can raise body temperature. Use pillows filled with natural fibers. The best cooling pillows are filled with buckwheat, bamboo fiber, natural feathers and cotton.

Mattress Cover:

Use a mattress protector and a breathable cloth cover. Choose a mattress cover carefully, because cheaper covers are often less breathable and retain body heat. The ideal mattress cover is made of good cotton with a thread count of around 200.

One of the most common, good and affordable is CoolMax® memory foam mattress covers. CoolMax®, a soft synthetic fabric, was developed in 1986 by Invista (formerly DuPont Textiles and Interiors) to help effectively absorb moisture and keep the surface cool.

Cooling Mattress Toppers and Pad:

A mattress topper is an easy way to improve the life and properties of an existing mattress. It is one of the most common solutions to make a cooler memory foam mattress for hot sleepers.

We have a special article on some of the best cooling mattress toppers currently available on Amazon. Check it.

The cooling mattress topper can be infused with activated charcoal or gel-based memory foam. It should be about 3 inches thick. It gives an extra thickness to your existing mattress. There are some additional benefits, such as better support and pressure relief.

It is the best way to revive an existing mattress and solve the problem of a warm sleep.

Bed Bas or Foundation:

The foundation can play a vital role when dealing with hot mattress issues. Consider buying a new bottom that allows air circulation under the mattress.

The foundation base or platform must have openings or a slatted base to facilitate air movement and breathing.

Bonus Tip: Smart Room Temperature Regulation:

To get a good night’s sleep, our body temperature needs to be slightly lower to promote a deep sleep cycle. The slightly lower temperature will help you sleep better.

Set the room thermostat between 68 and 70 degrees to regulate the room temperature. Use a ceiling fan to circulate the air in the room.

I hope these tips help you stay cool on a memory foam mattress.

Do you know why memory foam mattresses are hot?

Memory foam is a very dense material, so it retains heat and moisture. Memory foam mattresses are preferred by many people and have been an industry favorite for the past two decades. Since its availability to the general public after NASA’s launch. Customers have welcomed your products with open arms.

There has been a lot of innovation to make memory foam more relaxing. It has been tested and infused with different materials to make it cooler.

The most common is the addition of gelcoat, activated carbon infusion and green tea extract. They keep you cooler and fresher.

Memory foam was developed by NASA in the mid-1960s by changing the chemical composition of polyurethane to make it temperature sensitive with a higher density and viscosity. These properties provide better pressure relief and support, but also retain heat.

The extra memory foam body hug makes you feel warmer.

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