Nectar Mattress Review

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Looking for an affordable mattress that also meets all your sleeping needs? If yes, then this Nectar mattress review is perfect for you. This memory foam mattress is a mattress that anyone looking for a good pre-mattress should buy.

Nectar Sleep, arguably the most popular mattress company in the United States, has been producing this memory foam mattress for years.

This mattress fits all bed frames, is inclusive for all types of sleepers and includes free shipping and returns. If you want to buy a mattress that not only gives you the lumbar support you want, but also the comfort you need, this memory foam mattress is for you.

Below is a detailed overview of the Nectar mattress, its advantages and disadvantages and other important features.

Nectar Mattress Review – Key Highlights

  • Full memory foam mattress.
  • Medium sized company.
  • Sleep fresh.
  • Free pillow, protector and sheets.
  • Forever Limited Warranty.

This mattress has many features that set it apart from the rest of the mattresses on the market. The Nectar mattress is a full memory foam mattress, rated as medium firm in terms of softness.

Nectar is intended for different types of sleepers: those who sleep on their backs, stomachs and sides. It has an industry leading “Forever” warranty period and is completely free. It negates the drawbacks of memory foam mattresses and also allows you to sleep soundly.

Nectar also offers you a trial period of a whole year: 365 days for this mattress. This memory foam mattress also comes with 2 completely free pillows, a free mattress protector and free sheets.

Even with all these qualities, the mattress costs less than $800 for its queen size. Multiple award winner, this 4-inch, 4-layer mattress fits all types of beds. This bed is perfect for those suffering from back pain, arthritis, stiffness, pain and discomfort.

Ideal for those who are not heavy, this mattress is perfect for those who weigh between 130 and 250 pounds. This plush, soft yet firm mattress that feels firm at first, but starts to soften after 4 seconds.

If you are the type of person who wants to feel nice and tight while you sleep, this mattress is for you.

A July 2020 survey found that 90% of customers say the Nectar mattress has helped them with pain, and 9 out of 10 customers say it has specifically helped them with back pain.

Pros of Nectar Mattress

The main advantages are:

  • It is for all kinds of sleepers.
  • The durability of this mattress is 5 to 7 years.
  • The Nectar Mattress is designed for people with back pain.
  • It has the feature of motion isolation, that is, if you fall on one side of the bed, the person on the other side will not feel it.
  • Nectar has a warranty period that will last a long time, also referred to by Nectar as a “forever” warranty.
  • It’s an affordable bed

Cons of Nectar Mattress

The main drawbacks are:

  • This bed may not be the best idea for someone who weighs over 230-250 pounds and you should go for a hybrid coil mattress.
  • This mattress has a distinctive odor that will fade in 4-5 days.
  • Since it is a full memory foam mattress, it lacks rebound.


This mattress has many advantages. According to Google Shopping, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with about 70% of people rating it positively.

The Nectar mattress is a memory foam mattress that overcomes some of the major problems that exist with traditional memory foam mattresses.

It provides good support for the sleeper and brings relief to those suffering from various ailments related to the back.

The mattress has an industry leading warranty period and allows you to sleep fresh at night, giving you an incredible quality of sleep.

A steal for the price: This memory foam mattress usually has a lot of “goodies” and also has free shipping.

Construction & Design

The Nectar memory foam mattress has 5 layers and comes in a “bed in a box” format. It has contouring and refreshing elements and elements that contribute to the firmness of the bed. The layers are as follows:

The mattress cover is made of Tencel fabric, which itself is a very breathable fabric. It also keeps the entire mattress cool.

Under this cover is the first layer, a one inch layer of foam padding. This gel-infused layer gives you the kind of contour you’d expect from a typical memory foam mattress. This plush top will make your sleeping experience great.

This layer is intended to compensate for the heating normally associated with a memory foam mattress and should have a cooling effect.

The second layer is a three-inch layer of gel memory foam. It is responsible for touching your pressure points and reducing the pressure on them. This layer of “lush foam” distributes the heat evenly over the mattress and ensures that the mattress remains in its original shape for a few seconds after leaving.

The next layer is the high core memory foam. No other direct consumer company uses this adaptive memory foam in their mattresses. This layer is the reason why the mattress adapts so well to the pressure points of the sleeper.

The last layer is the breathable base layer that keeps the other layers stable and underneath is the mattress base cover. The underlayment is responsible for channeling the fresh airflow and the mattress cover prevents it from sinking further.

Key Takeaways

 Mattress Cover

The Nectar mattress cover is a Tencel blend fabric cover. This cover is extremely soft, luxurious and breathable. The design is square, which makes the bed look extremely premium. Furthermore, Tencel is also known to prevent bed bugs.

You can technically remove this cover, but we recommend that you leave it on to avoid stains.


The top layer of this mattress is quite soft and is becoming firmer. Because of this, sleeping on the mattress gives you a kind of “sagging” feeling in which you initially sink but remains fairly stable. Therefore, it has a combination of comfort from the soft plush layers and support from the high-density layers.

It has a very specific dense memory foam feel and can be called a medium firm mattress, slightly sloping towards the firmer side.

Edge Support

The edge support of this mattress is satisfactory. You can go to the edge of the mattress and sit there and feel like it’s collapsing just a little bit. It won’t fall off the edge easily no matter how much you twist.

So if you are a sleeper who moves around a lot, this mattress is quite effective.

This type of edge support is quite rare in “bed in box” mattress models, but in our review we found this mattress to be satisfactory in this department.

Motion Transfer

This mattress has very thick, slow-moving memory foam, which minimizes movement transfer. Therefore, movement activity on one side of the bed does not affect the sleeper on the other side of the bed.

So if you have a partner who sleeps disturbed and keeps moving, this mattress is for you.

Temperature Regulation

Memory foam mattresses are generally associated with sleeping quite warmly. While not perfect, and certainly not designed for extremely hot sleepers, this mattress works quite well when it comes to temperature regulation.

Nectar takes 12 minutes (which is slightly higher than average) to return to normal temperature after someone lays on it. It has multiple cooling layers and does an above average job when it comes to controlling the temperature.

While nectar retains some heat, which is common with memory foam mattresses, it’s not as bad as other types of memory foam mattresses.

 Spine Health

The contour this mattress gives to its sleepers ensures column alignment. Especially when it comes to back sleepers, whose spines are generally misaligned, this mattress offers support and comfort.

For back sleepers who weigh more than 250 pounds, they may need more support.

 Sleep Quality

The quality of sleep you will have with the Nectar mattress would be amazing. You will not fall out of bed or suffer from ‘night sweats’. The Nectar mattress provides good support and you wake up painlessly.

Motion isolation is good so that you are not disturbed or hindered by your partner’s movements. Nectar Mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses that ensures a long sleep cycle.

The comfort offered and the sinking feeling of being enveloped by the plush layer increase the quality of sleep.

Sleeping Positions

The experience of a mattress depends on your weight and sleeping position. Here’s a guide to what to expect from the Nectar mattress for each sleeping position.

Nectar for Side Sleepers

Sleeping on the side of your body creates pressure points that can hurt you. The two layers of memory foam in the Nectar mattress have a total of ten centimeters. This allows the heaviest body parts, such as the hips, to sink. Not only does this relieve the pressure for side sleepers, it can also promote proper alignment.

Nectar for Back Sleepers

Back sleepers generally need a balance between contour and support. An excessive amount of contouring can be problematic for them.

This mattress molds correctly to the body of back sleepers and the base layer also provides good lumbar support. Light and medium sleepers will find their spine aligning itself.

People who sleep on their backs may find the mattress too soft.

Nectar for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers generally enjoy a bed that can accommodate their signature pressure points and keep them from sinking too deeply.

The memory foam layers in the Nectar pad can relieve the pressure of these types of sleepers. However, many argue that the mattress type is too soft for them, despite the overall firmness this mattress offers, especially for those who weigh over 230 pounds. Those who weigh less than 130 pounds find the mattress too firm.

Nectar Mattress for Heavy People

The nectar mattress may not suit you if you weigh more than 250 pounds. It may be that the mattress does not provide the support you need.

A hybrid mattress can provide adequate lumbar support and comfort. For them, this mattress can be too soft and give an overwhelming floppy feeling that is also not desirable at all.

If you weigh over 300 pounds and sleep on your side, this mattress may not be a good fit for you as you can slip through the quilted top and feel the firmness underneath. A thicker comfort layer suits your needs better.

Nectar Mattress for Couples

It is an ideal mattress for couples. Its ability to isolate movement makes this mattress perfect for sleeping. So if the couple moves a lot during the night, the Nectar mattress ensures that the comfortable sleep of the other is not disturbed.

However, this mattress is not exactly inflatable and does not reverberate with movement. This may not be the best mattress for sex as it does not have the required responsiveness.

At the same time, however, it is a quiet mattress and does not make any noise. So if you’re a sleeper easily disturbed, this mattress is perfect because it won’t creak no matter how much you move.

Nectar Mattress – Most Comfortable Mattress

  • Full memory foam mattress.
  • Medium sized company.
  • Sleep fresh.
  • Free pillow, protector and sheets.
  • Forever Limited Warranty.


We definitely recommend this mattress. If you are looking for a comfortable memory foam mattress, Nectar is perfect for you.

The four layers guarantee a peaceful sleep without any movement transfer.

This mattress is a great buy for its affordable price, comfort and pain-relieving properties.

Although this mattress is not a premium quality and lacks many stylish elements that more expensive mattresses offer, it is a durable, reliable and long-lasting mattress.

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