How to Make Air Mattress More Comfortable?

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Today we’re sharing some tips to make an inflatable mattress more comfortable if you don’t think they come close to a real bed. If you are planning to buy an air mattress, take a look at our list of superior air mattresses.

A good air mattress provides your comfort but comes at a price. It is the cheaper counterparts that have basic features and cost reduction where possible needs more attention. You absolutely do not want to use that air mattress for daily use.

So can you make an air mattress more comfortable?

Don’t worry if you’ve already bought a no-nonsense air mattress. You deserve a good and comfortable sleeping surface, whether you use it daily or at night.

We have listed a few tips to improve your overall experience of sleeping on an air mattress.

7 Proven Tips to Make Air Mattress Comfortable.

Temperature Regulation

Air mattresses are cooler mattresses. The air tends to cool down and so makes your nights colder on an air mattress. They should be well insulated so you can stay nice and warm on an air mattress. Some brands have a thicker plush or pillowtop to make the air mattress comfortable and insulated.

Also make sure that you use fitted sheets or possibly use a sheet holder. They are slightly larger than expected. The sheets, if they slip, can lead to twists and turns.

Use a Topper on an Air Mattress

Another tip to insulate and make your air mattress luxurious and comfortable is to use a topper. If you already have a heated mattress topper, it might be a good option, but buying a $100 thermal mattress topper for a $50 inflatable mattress is pointless.

Sleeping on PVC can be a little uncomfortable and it will never be comfortable. Add a trim with a tight fitting sheet. This combination is one of our top recommendations for improving comfort.

Keeping Air Mattress Inflated

The air mattress has a tendency to leak air and deflate a bit due to its design. There are some models available that keep the mattress at the optimum level by automatically pumping air.

Cheap options lack this feature. If the mattress sags a little, it can be uncomfortable and cause back pain. Back pain is the biggest danger when sleeping on an air mattress if it does not have the required firmness. It is recommended to check and properly inflate the air mattress before going to sleep.

If you’re on your way to a new purchase, you can also buy an air mattress with a built-in pump.

Softer surface for an Air mattress

The vinyl material of the air mattress will produce a crushing sound when it comes into contact with a hard surface. The noise will disturb your sleep. Use a mat or rug between the mattress and the floor.

This tip will help you silence a squeaky air mattress.

Elevate your Air Mattress

Getting in and out of a mattress on the floor can sometimes be tricky. By raising your air mattress by placing a bed frame or box spring, the bed will have sufficient height. So getting in or out of bed becomes a breeze.

Today there are plenty of air mattresses on Amazon with 18 inches or more to solve this problem.

Create a Headboard

The headboard is recommended for each bed. Prevent the pillow from falling off the bed. If the pillow falls suddenly in the middle of a deep sleep, it can interrupt your sleep cycle.

Placing air mattresses against the wall can create a temporary headboard. Some people feel psychologically safe if one side of the bed has a wall. So go ahead, make a headboard to sleep well on your air mattress.

Right Pillow

Sleeping on an air mattress cannot be a reason to sleep without an unsuitable pillow or pillow. An uncomfortable pillow can lead to a stiff neck or stiff back muscles.

Choose your pillow wisely for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Is a Foam Mattress or Air Mattress more Comfortable?

A foam mattress is more comfortable than an air mattress for sleeping. If you are in a colder region, you will not be able to sleep without insulating the air mattress. The air mattress does not retain body heat and you will feel cold when you sleep on it. On the other hand, the foam mattress provides better back support and is warm.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right mattress for a good night’s sleep is an art. The air mattress can be a viable option for a good night’s sleep. If you got a cheap air mattress, follow the steps above to make an air mattress more comfortable. Consider it part of your bed preparation.

Inflatable mattresses are a good but cheaper option for your guests. Making the bed ensures a pleasant night’s sleep without having to invest in a traditional bed that takes up a lot of space.

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